Thoughts of Paul

I’ve no particular story of Paul to share, but still want to share my memories. My first thoughts of Paul were that Jacci sure had some dirty, messy people out on her farm that could probably benefit from one of her baths. And, boy, he sure made himself at home around there. I slowly learned who he was and what he did there to help FFRC. I began looking forward to seeing him come in the center and hoped he’d have time to sit and talk with us chatters. I would get such a good chuckle out of the way he picked on some of his sister/brother volunteers or on Jacci. And then I saw the same happen with some of the frequent chatters, persons he’d never met in person. I think he especially liked when the banter was both ways. Once I even had a little banter with him and it just really made me feel special. He was good like that…making people feel special, in his own simple way.

Then he accepted my request for friendship on Facebook and I saw his page. Finding a fellow Christian in Paul made me feel a closeness with him. Knowing his faith in our Lord was strong and unwavering is a comfort. He touched so very many people with his kindness and humor. I recall him with such fondness of heart. I’m ever so thankful to have had him in my life and will cherish his friendship even though we never met in person. I know I will meet him when it is my turn to go Home.

Cheers to Paul…a giant amongst men…a teddy bear at heart!

Debbie Johnson (BearMN), Blaine, Minnesota, USA

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