The Sun Porch Cats

The cats that live in the backyard are mostly “friendly strays,” having been “dumped” on the Rescue Center property or simply having found their own way here. Like all cats that live on the grounds, they are fully vaccinated, tested for FIV/FeLV, and spayed/neutered. They have 24/7 access to the sun porch via a small pet door where they have food, water, and cat furniture to lounge on. In the winter they have heated beds and mats available on the sun porch as well. They also have Porchie Haven which is a wonderful small building with heated lamps and lots of cushies. In the nice weather, we can open the windows! They are very friendly and can be found waiting for our many visitors who come to the rescue center. They love to be petted and have  their chins scratched. Try as we might, they refuse to become “indoor only” cats due to spraying and just general unhappiness at being confined, so as with the residents of Cats’ Cove and The House that Jonah Built, we do what we can to keep them healthy AND happy. They are known as The Porchies.

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