Rainbow Bridge


If you are looking for a thoughtful way to celebrate the life of a beloved cat, please consider making a gift to the Friends of Felines Rescue Center in their memory. Your donations will help Friends of Felines rescue more cats and kittens in need.

Click on the Purple Paw and please note who your donation is in memory of. We will send a condolences card if you email us the relevant contact information.

Please email us at fofrescue@gmail.com to send a photograph and short message and we will add it here.







Aino was a sweet cat who passed away September 24, 2019, in Finland where her Mama Katie lives. She is fondly remembered by Katie’s parents. ~~ Mr. and Mrs. Beltz.



Aleda….Our little winged angel
Flying above and watching over us

Resting in Paradise 03/24/2018
~~ Anony-mouse


Binky - timbodut


My Binky (the inky) passed about 9 months ago. He had a tumor near his stomach. He was my baby. He was 17 so he had a great life. I miss him but as they say, life goes on. Rest in peace sweet heart, Daddy will never forget you. ​ ~~​timbodut​ (England​, Feb 2018)


Cleo, Susan C/schinn81


On 12/29/2017 Cleo gave up one of her nine lives. She was my constant companion and always enjoyed “helping” me around the house, guarding my shoes, monitoring my computer use, and being carried around in boxes. She was outgoing and curious. She lived 18 wonderful years.  I will miss her so much.   ~~Susan C./schinn81

Cricket - Dave & Judy W


Cricket was an FFRC cat who ‘adopted’ me 9 years ago. He was the most loving cat I’ve ever had. His favorite spot was on my lap. He was always purring. His purr sounded like chirping so we named him Cricket. Our hearts were broken when we found out this beautiful creature had cancer. He passed on 1/17/2018, laying on my lap. A truly amazing cat who has left a void in our lives. He was only 9 1/2 years young. I can no longer hold him on my lap, but I will always hold him in my heart. Rest now, my sweet boy.  ~~Sadly missed by Dave & Judy W.


Fluffy - Hans Zimmermann Family


Fluffy, the Norwegian-(French)-Forest-Tomcat, one day simply decided all by himself to move in with us, and he became a wonderful companion for more than 10 years. He had to cross the bridge in 2020, and he must be glad to know that a worthy successor of the same generation is taking good care of his former territories now. Thank you for every purr and cuddle, dear Fluffy!  ~~Hans Z. Family


Granny -- Linda & Bill


Granny cat died at age 23. We miss her so much. She loved people but not other cats. Our other 5 stayed away. She had such a wonderful personality and was a beautiful little calico. You are so special Granny.   ~~Linda & Bill


Henry R Peeps - Mudjie

Henry R Peeps

When the cat you love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure.  ~~Mudjie



Jasmine -- Linda & Bill


Jasmine, our 22 year purr baby, left for over the Rainbow Bridge. She loved everyone, but Bill and I were her favorites. We had her since she was a tiny kitten. We miss you Jaz.  ~~ Linda & Bill

Jordy - Anonymous


Jordy—When I try to think of the words to express what happened to Jordy, my mind keeps going back to one word, HERO. Joining Paradise 1-29-2018.  ~~Anonymous


Little Kat - Alan & Elaine

Little Kat

Little Kat came home when she was a year old. She was a “rescue cat” and picked us as her parents. She knew that she would be spoiled, but, it worked the other way around, she spoiled us. Her personality kept us entertained every day. She had “jobs,” making sure we got up in the morning, making “coffee” with Alan, when she expected her “pats,” meeting us at the door when we went out, enjoyed meeting neighbors as she was wheeled in her stroller. Such a polite girl, she didn’t enter a room without being invited, her soft meows were like her soft fur that needed brushing at 3 PM. She loved to color, liked to “write letters” to her vet and friends, sit on the porch to watch the birds and squirrels, sit with us in the evening….so many wonderful memories, so missed by her parents, Elaine and Alan. Our lives were blessed with Little Kat for 18 1/2 years…we will always have her in our hearts. (Her other name was Patshoo as in “Do you want me to pat you??”) ~~Elaine and Alan


Angel Cat square


That one extra extra special cat….that was my Missy. She came to FFRC as a wee baby. I bottle fed her and we bonded. She came into the house and became a Moss cat. She was one of the best lap cats ever. I loved her so and still miss her.  ~~Jacci M.

Moo and Pip

Moo and Pip

Much loved and missed by us, mum Gato and siblings Little Man, Penny and Zee. Our family is smaller but we will never forget Basher Moo and Princess Pip .  ~~Miranda from the UK


Oscar Held


Our beloved Oscar crossed the rainbow bridge on February 12th 2024 just a few weeks shy of his 16th birthday. He was the head supervisor in our household and we were blessed to serve him all these years. Thank you for the joy you gave to us. ~~ Chris and Heather Held


In loving memory of my little Otto, a gentle soul, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10/20/2017, at the age of 14 and one-half. He is greatly missed. ~~Vaun S./vrs1cats

Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.  (by M.E.Frye)


Peyton 2015


Peyton was a stay who showed up on our front porch one really hot June day 11 years ago. Been gone a year April 17th. He was my “studio cat” and best buddy. I still see him once in awhile out of the corner of my eye, was around in my shop 24/7. ~~Thomas E.




“Our first Kitten” that came to us almost 15 years ago.  She was given to me at an event I was attending, as she had been wandering in a field.  She fit right in with our other two adult cats, and soon became the queen of the house.  We will miss you Rags, my first kitten. June 2007 – 3/2/2022. ~~ Thomas E.


Sadie 2011


Sadie, was our first cat, she has been gone about 6 years but she was instrumental in making me a “Cat Daddy.” We got her as a stray; she was about 12 when she passed. ~~Thomas E.




Lovable Zorro–waiting happily with all our best friends at the Rainbow Bridge, joining us to our Promised Land. ~~Anonymous

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