Name A Cat

What is the importance of a name? Well, everything!

Names are not to be given lightly, but are to be remembered forever. Have you ever met a Farrah? After watching FFRC for a while, I bet you will look at every Farrah a bit differently. I will bet that if you met someone with a pet named Putter, you would smile and remember our Putter. Every name is special and unique. Every name is a reminder of a Cat That Mattered, even if they were only with us a short time.

So FFRC would like to give everyone an opportunity to Name a Cat. The problem is we don’t want to use names that have already been used, because that name would belong to another cat who is part of the history of FFRC, and even though that cat has moved on from FFRC, we want to ensure that it remains in the history of FFRC as a Cat That Mattered.

FFRC has found a way to let you all join in the fun of naming a future kitty without the confusion of re-using names.
The cost is only $20 per name!

How to Name a Cat

A file called “FFRC Kitty Names PAWMART (date)” can be found at FFRC Chatters Files. A PDF file can be found in PawMart when you scroll down to “Name a Cat.” Both of those files contain a list of previously used cat names, in alphabetical order. When you have a name in mind, check on the appropriate page to see if it has been used before. If it is on the list, please don’t request that name as it becomes confusing when trying to find the records or if the kitty is returned. If you find the name is not on the list, please send your payment of $20 per name to FFRC using Paypal, Venmo, check, or money order (payable to Friends of Felines Rescue Center). Be sure to include your suggested name in the note section on your check or PayPal or Venmo donation. Once your name is accepted, you will be mailed a certificate of naming confirming the acceptance.

Then watch for a new cat or kitten to be given that name and follow their progress as they become another Cat That Mattered!!

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