Adoption F.A.Q.’s

How much is it to adopt a cat?

We have provided $350 to $400 MINIMUM of medical care for each and every cat and kitten. Our adoption fee, though, is $150. This adoption fee covers an initial FIV/leukemia/heartworm test, a repeated leukemia/FIV/heartworm test in 4 weeks, an incoming bath, 3 general dewormings (hookworms & roundworms), 7 days of Panacur (a broad dewormer),  Bordatella vaccine, a tapewormer, a vet physical, 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, flea prevention applied each and every month, and their spay/neuter surgery. If they arrive with medical issues (fractured bone, injuries, etc.), these treatments are also included in the adoption fee. All ears are cleaned regularly and nails trimmed.

How do I adopt a cat from FFRC?

Call Megan or e-mail her at the Rescue Center ( We do have an adoption procedure. On our front page, if you look under ADOPTING, there is a tab for ADOPTION FORM. This is a list with questions to cover before an adoption can take place. Each question is important to her. Vet references and/or personal references are checked also. It’s important to know if your past and/or present cats and dogs are current on vet care. A person needs to be aware that on the Contract Agreement it states that if this adoption does not work out, the cat MUST be returned to the Rescue Center, no matter how far away you live. Same day adoptions are sometimes possible if references can be checked or a relationship has been previously established. We love it when a family comes in with an open mind to visit the cats and see who likes who!

Why do your cats have to go to INSIDE homes only?

Because we love them, and we want them to live as long as they can and be as healthy as they can. We want our FFRC cats to be treated as a loved family pet.  We have a list of 20 reasons why to keep a cat indoors. Some of these are:

Hundreds of cats get hit or injured by cars every day; your cat could be killed by dogs, raccoons, or other wildlife; your cat can be bitten by another cat that has leukemia and/or FIV (both are a death sentence for a cat, with no cure);  people sometimes shoot cats with BB guns, burn them with lighters, or torture them causing loss of limbs, eyes, etc.; your cat can be stolen and sold to a research lab (this practice DOES happen); fleas, ticks, worms, and ringworm are easily picked up by cats; there are people who don’t like cats and will set out poison to kill them; when cats go outside they smell other cats’ territorial markings which may prompt your cat to start spraying inside the house. These are just a few of the reasons.

How many cats do you have in the Rescue Center?

We normally work with 80-110 cats at any given time. However, in the late winter, we try to get our population down so we are ready for the incoming kitten season.  It’s a known fact that for every 10 kittens we adopt out, only 1 adult cat is adopted. Remember, we also have Barnies, Covies, Firecats, and Porchies to care for. These number a minimum of 60 more cats.

Can any of your cats with CH be adopted?
Yes. Some are up for adoption, some are not though. Each cat with CH is individually determined whether he/she is a permanent resident or one that may be adoptable. There are many factors involved. For the cat–questions such as: does he use the litterbox consistently, is he emotionally stable to go to a new home. For the possible new owners–it must be determined if the home is safe for a cat with CH. And is the new owner knowledgeable about Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Do I have to live in Defiance, Ohio to adopt?

No, not at all. As long as we feel you will provide a happy, safe, indoor, loving home for the cat and the answers to the Adoption Form are satisfactory, then we’re happy! We have cats who have been adopted to homes that are quite a distance from here, such as Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, etc. If flying is involved, one stipulation is that the cat must fly in the cabin, not in cargo.


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