About Us

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Our cats and kittens live together in a very clean and cat friendly center, which has been designed for their comfort and convenience. They can run, climb trees, play whenever they wish, and snuggle up with a friend for a nice afternoon nap. Our few cages are only used for brief periods of quarantine. Our main area consists of a very large common area, two small storage rooms, a large office room, and an enclosed sun porch called The Kitty Kabana Room, which is accessed through a window and a door allowing the cats to bask in the sun on shelves and beds. The Kabana Room has large windows with many birdfeeders outside for the cats’ entertainment. All the areas have colorful, comfy furniture, trees for climbing, Kuranda Towers, comfortable beds, and toys placed about, with over 400 feet of catwalks running throughout the center. We also have a med room called June’s Room where our medical supplies are stored. Incoming cats are taken to the Front Thumper’s Room where they begin their journey here at FFRC. Blood tests and vaccinations are started here. Quarantine pens are used. They progress then to the Back Thumper’s Room where quarantine time is extended, but with playtime in the room.

Each day at the rescue center:

  • All of the walls in the rescue rooms are washed.
  • The floors are vacuumed and mopped three times.
  • All of the counter tops are washed and disinfected twice daily.
  • The cats are fed between 50-55 cans of wet food and 15 pounds of dry cat and kitten food.
  • 50 pounds of scoopable litter is used.
  • Every piece of bedding is washed. This comes to around 20-22 loads of laundry.
  • We receive between 30-40 phone calls.

Also, on any given day, there may be adoptions to perform, cats and kittens to process through intake, vaccinations to give, ongoing medical treatments to administer, records to update, toenails to trim and ears to clean, bills to pay, fundraising projects and public education events to work on, emails to answer, supplies to order, shopping to do in town… the list goes on and on!

All this is just what takes place in the main building of the rescue center where the adoptable cats are kept. We also have two other areas for cats that are permanent residents.

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