The Main Area

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center likes to think that we’re a comfortable home for the cats until they find their own personal home. Our goal is to adopt our kittens and cats into loving homes where they remain inside and to families that will keep their pets medically updated at their personal veterinarians.

The Main Area is made of up of the main floor plan, plus Kitty Kabana, the Purple Office, June’s Room, the Stuff Room, and a Food Storage Room. We also have a wonderful additional storage room connected. Incoming cats are taken to the Front Thumper’s Room where they begin their journey here at FFRC. Blood tests and vaccinations are started here. Quarantine pens are used. They progress then to the Back Thumper’s Room where quarantine time is extended, but with playtime in the room.

We have over 400 feet of cat walks, numerous cat towers, windows that open room to room for more fun and great items to enjoy climbing around on. We are cage-free other than their initial quarantine time, post surgery, and if needed for medical reasons (injuries, etc.). The cats live in harmony (most of the time!) and are free to play, sleep, eat, and have lots of fun whenever they want.

We welcome visitors. People come to adopt. Sometimes people come to play, pet and brush—the cats so enjoy those folks too! If you’d like to come for a visit, you might want to call ahead just to make sure we are here. The number is 419-393-2400.

We have a minimum of $350 in each and every cat that comes in, but our adoption fee is only $100. All of our felines are leukemia/FIV/heartworm tested, not once, but twice, 2-3 distemper vaccinations are given, also 2 leukemia vaccinations, a bordetella vaccine, and a minimum of 3 wormings. Every kitten and cat has a flea prevention applied EVERY single month that they are here–we don’t do fleas! Each cat or kitten is also neutered/spayed BEFORE adoption, along with a vet physical. Anything medically they need, they receive.

In addition to having cats and kittens available for adoption, we also have a few permanent cats. Some are oldsters/geriatrics. Some are residents that we made the decision that they should stay. If a CH cat is a severe, those sometimes are deemed residents. We love them all!

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