A place for some chat and some stories, by and about, your favorite FFRC cats!!

Pull up a chair, get comfy, and enjoy!!


Derechos Chat



Let Derecho tell you about the Center, about life, and about friendship—and maybe a few bits of kitty gossip, if Sevaun is willing to share.

A Chat among Friends with Derecho
Derecho’s Whippersnapper Lessons
Derecho’s Insight on FFRC Talk
What’s On The Inside Is What Matters
The Talk Among Derecho And The Cats




story time longer image

Learn the background stories of some of the cats at the FFRC:  the hardships they have been through, how they reached the Center, and the joys and love of living that they now have.

Coralie’s Story
Magic’s Story
Rosemary’s Story
Trucker’s Story

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