Ongoing care

Health Records

All cats and kittens that we send home will come with their own health record. This will include the dates for all vaccines, leukemia/FIV tests, dewormings, flea prevention, spay/neuter, and any other medical treatments they received while in our care. It will also tell you when your new pet arrived at the Rescue Center. If you make a copy of this record and send it to your veterinarian, they can enter it into their files and send reminders when your pet is due for vaccines or treatments.


Brush your cat regularly! This will help reduce hairballs and shedding. Any hair that you remove while spending snuggle time with your cat while grooming will mean less hair you have to vacuum and fewer hairball messes to clean up! Cats stay fairly clean as they groom themselves for hours a day, so a bath is rarely needed. If you are adopting a longhaired cat and would like to have the bottom or belly areas shaved periodically, please call! We offer this service free to our FFRC families.

Why keep your cat indoors?

They live longer, healthier lives! Also, per the contract you’ve signed, all cats and kittens from FFRC are 100% INDOOR ONLY pets. In the packet of information that will be sent home with you, there is a list of 20 reasons to keep your cat indoors. Among these are:

  • Cars – Thousands of cats are hit by cars every year. If they are lucky, they die instantly.
  • Poisoning – There are people who don’t like cats and will set poison traps on their property. It only takes a little to kill a cat.
  • Research Labs – There are people who “collect” cats and take them out of state to labs, where they are paid money for each cat. These people don’t care if these are strays or your family pet.
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV – It only takes one bite from an infected cat to spread this fatal disease to your beloved pet.
  • Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Ringworm – Your cat can pick up these parasites/fungus outside then transmit them to other pets and people in the household.

Following the advice given here will help to ensure that you and your new pet will have many happy years together.


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