Flash Sales and Fun Raisers

Flash Sales and Fun Raisers


FFRC has Flash Sales and Fun Raisers from time to time.

FLASH SALE: Items are shown on cam and for sale at that time. Each item is numbered and has a set price. When the thumbs up is given in chat, the first person requesting that item is the winner of that item. (Note: due to internet time lags, the winner is determined by what the flash sale moderator sees on her screen.) The moderators will post the winner’s name and the next item will be shown. Payment for your items can be sent as noted below.

FUN-RAISER: Items will be displayed in a short video a day or two before ticket sales begin. Tickets are $5 each. You can buy as many tickets as you like on any of the items, just specify in your order how you want your tickets to be placed. For instance, 3 tickets on item A, and 2 tickets on item G; or all tickets on item C, etc. A drawing of the winning tickets will be held on the date indicated in the video. Payment for your tickets must be received in advance of the drawing. If sending a check for tickets, please email fofrescue@gmail.com to inform Megan of your ticket order. Payment for your tickets can be sent as noted below.

To make your payments as easy as possible, we accept checks, money orders, and PayPal payments.

Please make your check or money order payable to:    Friends of Felines Rescue Center

Mail to:     14597 Power Dam Road, Defiance, Ohio, USA 43512.

Use this link for PayPal payments: [Note: PayPal accepts debit and credit cards.]

Use this link for Venmo payments. Send to @FFRCrescue [Note: Search for FFRC under Businesses and be sure to see the FFRC logo]

Please make payment within 7 days of the flash sale. If you find this is not possible, please e-mail Lynnette at ffrclynnette@gmail.com or the items will be returned to inventory.

All payments should also include your name (including chat name), the item you purchased along with a description and item number or letter. Thank you for your support of Friends of Felines Rescue Center!!

Flash Sale Rules

• Please keep chat focused on the sale
• First time buyers are limited to $25
• Please don’t trade items during the sale
• Use Item Number or Letter when bidding

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