Welcome to FFRC

If you are new to FFRC, this is the place to start. The next place to visit is ‘About Us FAQ’s’. Also on the ‘About Us’ menu there are links to the cats that are residents in the three main areas and a floor plan of the main area. This is very useful as it contains the names of all the rooms, pens etc.

Please explore the whole site thoroughly as there is much useful information here. You can see pictures of many of the cats as well and that will help you to learn their names. As a starter, underneath the blue menu bar are links to other places where you can find FFRC, from Facebook and our Blog to places where you can purchase FFRC-related products. FFRC also has its own PawMart store. Most of these places give a percentage of money back to FFRC if you follow the links from here. These include Amazon and Zazzle. The FFRC also participates in the Scrip Program. Check out these helpful programs in the “Ways To Help” menu tab.

A recent venture is the Kuranda Donate-a-Bed Program. This program enables the public to send beds and cozy fleece pads directly to their favorite shelters and rescue organizations at discounted prices. In addition, a percentage of every sale will be donated to FFRC. Kuranda beds are comfortable for the cats and easy to clean, thus helping to prevent disease transmission. Jacci has joined FFRC to this program and she already has some of these beds in the center. To order a bed, click on this link, on the right hand side of the page select state – Ohio – click on the purple Go button and find Friends of Felines RC. Finally, click on Donate a Bed.

A few helpful links are included below –
Live broadcast – Kitty Cams
Chatters Code of Conduct – Please read this!
For updates from Jacci – Please read the blog
Our main Facebook page – can be found here
A long-time friend of FFRC has written many stories about the cats you can read them here

Live Webcam Broadcast
This runs 24/7 on YouTube and will give you a real insight into how the rescue operates.
Join us for breakfast at 4:30 am each day and for box opening of donations from supporters at 5:30 pm most days. Times are US EST or FFRC time!

FFRC has many unique features which you will discover in due course.

If you wish to join the chat, and we have many watchers who do as well as others who do not, you will need to create a Google/YouTube user account so you can log in. Keep your user name reasonably short and it is best not to use your real name. There is a Chatters Code of Conduct so please read this very carefully. The chat is G rated and family friendly so it is important to follow these rules. Classes of students also visit from time to time on the chat. Many countries are represented in chat so please be aware of language and cultural differences.

YouTube chat does not have the ability to send or receive Private Messages (PMs). This means you cannot have a private conversation with anyone else, including a moderator if you need help. Moderators can be identified by their names highlighted in blue with a blue wrench next to it.

We try to interact with chatters whenever we can, but, as a working rescue, responding to requests or queries in the moment is not always possible. The chat/live stream remains a public forum. While our moderators strive to make it a friendly place for all visitors, staying ahead of trolls is not always feasible. Please use all due caution as with any internet forum. We want to make this a safe place for all.

You will see many volunteers at the center but there are many others behind the scene covering such things as web design and site updates, videoing events and uploading to YouTube, Cat Stories, Facebook Admins, Chat Moderator, and supporters who make items for sale at the shop and/or auction.

Jacci posts a blog often. There is a link on the bar at the top of the web site and the blog is also posted on Facebook. It is useful to read this as it will keep you up-to-date with all the happenings at FFRC such as adoptions, new arrivals, contents of boxes, visitors, and projects, along with many other things.

FFRC has a presence on FB with a Public page (Friends of Felines Rescue Center). There is also a secret group that you can join called FFRC Chatters. You will need to friend someone and ask them to add you to the group. An Admin will then approve your request. This group is secret to keep the posts positive and fun.

The FFRC Twitter account has undergone a recent facelift. You can catch all the tweets here

You can now share images from FFRC’s website with your own Pinterest account. FFRC also has a Pinterest account that you can look at or pin from.

Defiance Dance Studio Annual Recital Concessions
The FFRC has the privilege of selling concessions at the annual recital, scheduled for June 7-9, 2019. The rehearsals are Friday evening and Saturday morning. The dance is Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. We are happy to have this opportunity!

This is the main fundraiser for FFRC. It is a lot of fun and many cam viewers visit for the day. The Catathon is a huge bidding auction all afternoon of many many Baskets and Big Ticket Items. It all happens right on the cam. What fun! Baskets usually have a theme. This is an event that supports FFRC. Following the Catathon is a big pizza supper for all that are here! This year, the 8th Catathon is June 23, 2019.

This is a celebration in honor of all the volunteers who give of their time so freely during the year and in appreciation of our community. Without them, FFRC would not be able to survive. Catstock is a fun day in the early fall. Lots of carnival games with prizes, good food, clown, face painting, Horse Poo Bingo, small tractor rides–just a huge assortment and an awesome band called Strawberry Hill that fits right in with our theme of Cats, Love, Peace! What a fun day. We even dress for Peace! We look forward to our 7th Catstock, which will be September 12, 2020. Come join the fun!

Kitty Christmas
An annual special donation drive of food and supplies to support the FFRC. Delivery to FFRC is December 5, 2020.  Many ways to participate!

Many people visit FFRC not only to see the cats in person but also to help out where they are able to. It is best to contact the center well ahead of time especially if you are visiting from out of town. We (people and the cats) certainly enjoy the visitors!

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