Oh Paul. What a man. Knowing what I think about him and reading what others have written I just think, wow what a beautiful existence. It makes me want to be a better person…more like him. Loving, tender, oh so kind, and always bringing about laughter. He would enter the center and somehow the atmosphere, which was already great, would become even better. He put his heart right out there for all of us to see and he genuinely loved and cared for the cats. Though at the same time, he wasn’t one to let a good opportunity go by and was quick to poke fun at others and never wasted an opportunity to poke fun at himself. It was clear to me that his friendship with Jacci was true. It was also clear to me how much she appreciated him, for what he brought to the center, and everything he did. May God bless your beautiful soul Paul. Give a kiss and a piece of cheese to Mr. Dusty Purrbody, and a kiss to Dodger, Bravo, and Pizzaz for me.
Teresa C / Mewsic

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