My first meeting with Paul on cam

My first meeting with Paul on cam was on 06. July 2011.
Very often we only saw a headless man walking to the fridge – seldom without petting a kitty on his way or taking it along for a while. The kitty in the flowerbed was looking to him. Maybe it was Bumble Bee.

C074E2E6-2626-46C4-BF93-4A5D0A46F951Kitty looking what Paul is making. Maybe its Bumble Bee

rose-gusti-21Paul on his way to the fridge – the first time I saw him. Is there sitting Emaline next to him? Any kitty will be petted while Paul was standing there.

rose-gusti-3Paul after his fridge visit – he cannot go away without petting this kitty.

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