Putter Sez… Current

I love Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center
Go ahead… make my day Adopt a stray today!
Put down the treats slowly and back away
spay and nueter all your critters!
Where’s the cream
spay and neuter your pets!!!!
talk to the paw
houdy partner
This puff pillow ain’t big enough for the both of us
Howdy Pilgrim
Go Ahead, Make My Day
I’m a watchin you!!
Don’t mess with the claw of the law
“make my day”
have your pets spayed or neutered
Eyes a watchin you Kitties
Make My Day!
My meow is worst than my twarp
Not On My Watch
Jacci at FFRC Rocks!!!
“I have my eyes on you!”
I Serve & Purtect FFRC
Putter’s The Name; Sheriff Is My Game
FFRC is home sweet home
please adopt
Neuter or Spay–or I’ll make you pay!
I’ll put you away–if you don’t neuter or spay!
I got your back…….
I find your generosity arresting!
Freeze kitties
all, noz all, & it don’t mutter
Hand over the catnip and no one gets hurt
I Love kitties getting Forever homes, less work for me.
howdy yall
the cat, the myth, the legend…
don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.
Come on into my office and take some of the kitties too a new Forever Home.
Paws up for a purrfect adoption
Get fixed!
I have a two paw swat, so make my day
we love all kitties
Put Your Paws In The Air
I iz hunting fur a sardine thief !!
I tawt I saw a Tweety Bird
Spread ’em and Fix ’em, pardners!
Support FFRC Y’all
“I am neutered, but sexy”
Please spay & neuter
FFRC is the Best
Watch out Youngins, Im the Sheriff in this Center
visit ffrc and a loving kitty you will see
bother me at your own risk
Here’s looking at you kitties
making sure ever one is spayed or neutered…don’t need any more rowdies.
I am not amused
Keeping Order…Its What I Do!
Jacci Moss At FFRC Is Awesome!!!
Sheriff Putter Sez…”Don’t start none and you won’t get none!”
Who Stole Me Sardines !?!?
put your paws out where i can see them
now see here i’m the sheriff of this town, there is no cattin around
Just Say No to Catnip
We are Claw-abidding here…. kitties in search of furever homes
FFRC- a cats second best home
paws a moment …. open your heart and home for a kitty
Don’t fight the Law or I’ll give you the Paw.
i’m watching you…
Putter Butters my name.. Thwapin kitties my game..
Go ahead, Kitt, make my day
I’m on duty Paddi, just call the man
You better vote for FFRC or I’ll give you a WHAPPPPP!
I uphold the law of the paw .. neuter & spay your kitties today!
my paw is the law
“Make My Day”
Share the love, adopt a cat today.
FFRC is the best!
I’m Cool Paw Putter
Please neuter or spay your kitty today.
Get to work Gregg!
Meow when you say that pardner!
You’re not the Boss of me!!!
Talk to the paw
The sardines and bonito flakes
i am neither bird, nor plane…
Oh Please …. Give me a break…You are out of order……….
Support Your Local… Shelter!
that’s SHERIFF Putter to you
LARGE and in charge
Give me lovings!
be good. im watching you.
FFRC is my cat-town — what I say goes.
Hand over the treats or back off buster!
Talk to the paz
I am the LAW
Be kind or be swatted
Me’all better behave yerselves or no catnip tonight! This is the sheriff speaking.
FurEver Love Begins at FFRC
My cathouse, My Rules!!!!!
Have Thwap Will Travel
Have you hugged a kitty today
a kitty needs love, love one today
The Paw is the Law.
“Drop the treats, Octavia.”
I’m smiling. Can’t you tell?
“Don’t Shop …. ADOPT!
Only YOU can prevent over population of your cats…so please spay and nueter your cats !
“I’m the long claw of the law ’round these parts!”
adopt today and make a kitty happy for a lifetime
Keep smiling!
make my day
Furever homes are always welcome
…I am a VIC(very important cat) and i know it”!
careful their are some kittens around these parts
Keep it peaceful friends
“Fluff ‘Em Up, Paw-tner!
They made me wear this dern hat!
y’all better behave
Outta my way or get “Thwacked”!
Make my day
Really? That’s your excuse?
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