In memory of

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In Memory Of:

  • In memory of my cousin’s husband, Tom Erman, by Pat Linebrink
  • In memory of my shitzu, Kassidy who died 3/30/11, by Kristie Briggs
  • In loving memory of Mr. Dusty Purrbody, by Clarice Grimmett
  • In memory of Willis Stevenson, by Robert and Shirley Schweitzer, Holly Fry, Kay Lee Fouty, Brooke Collins, Emily & Mark Weisgerber, Virginia Wharry, Alice Hulbert famiily,
  • In loving memory of our daughter, Kristine Leora and her kitties Patches, Peaches, Suling, Swivel. Happy Birthday, love Linda & Eugene Fry (mom and dad)
  • In memory of Thomas Erman, from friends Ron & Cheryl Fessel
  • In memory of Clark Bowling, a nephew who passed away, from Karen Bowling
  • In memory of our precious pup, Cody who loved all animals & our current little boy (Codys brother, BooBoo who also loves all God’s Critters, from Mick & Jennifer Sobieck
  • In loving memory of my precious “Jet”, from Aline Wilson
  • In loving memory of Tookie, from Cathi Blankenship
  • In memory of Jack Randall on behalf of John Millspaugh and all of Bose McKinney & Evans
  • In memory of Denise Fogt, from the girls of Defiance Clinic Internal Medicine Dept.
  • In loving memory of my sister, Pat Stemen, from Bonnie Karr
  • In memory of Angel, from Robin Harris
  • In memory of my Ivy from Janet K
  • In memory of John Ague, from Tim & Tammy Winger
  • In memory of Novian & Lady who left us 4 and 3 years ago, from Sheila, Bob & Alexa
  • In memory of Sesame and Aprilla, from Gloria Cunard
  • In memory of Butch, Mandi, Tabby, Jaz and Bear, from C.J. Cat & Louis
  • In memory of sweet Sesame, from Carol N
  • In memory of Sesame, from Susan F
  • In memory of Sesame, Neil S
  • In memory of Sesame, from Susan A
  • In memory of Patches, from Mike & Sharon B (angelkitty3)
  • In memory of Sesame, from Mark F
  • In loving memory of our son Derrick who loved all Gods’ creatures great and small, from Tom & Suzann A
  • In memory of Skippy, my cockatiel,  from Amy
  • In memory of Zeos and Callissto, from Andrea Y
  • In memory of Fluffy, Boogie  and Princess, from Keith and Tammy C
  • In memory of my cat Bobby, who I lost in November at the age of 12, from Lorraine L
  • In memory of Calico and Emily, from Pamela L
  • In memory of Lightning, Donerz
  • In loving memory of Missie and Louise, from Debra B
  • In memory of my 5 cats past & present to my favorite kitties at FFRC–Pebbles, Boomer, Patches, Chessie & Chloe, from Stephanie/Steffer
  • In memory of Sabrina & Cat III by Bantryhill
  • In memory of Bailey’s birthday, my brave little girl who lost her battle against cancer in 2003, at age 10 months & left a hole in my heart–AbbyTabbysMama
  • In memory of my sister’s cat “Link” who passed away on 7/11/12, from Lori/lewbeth
  • In memory of my Mr. Jacob Winston Pudder Pie Cuddle Bug, from Julie C
  • In memory of Harley, from Linda S
  • In memory of my Bobby, Lily and Weebee, from Lorraine L
  • In memory of Sasha, Satin, Rustie, Tippy and Rex, from Delaware Eagle
  • In loving memory of our cats Ripper and Ruffles, from Diane & Steve Denby
  • In memory of Tommy, from Rama

In Honor Of:

  • In honor of my cat, Kimbo Kitty who turned up in my flower bed as a 1# stay, all black kitten i July of 2008 and turned this dog person into a cat lover, by Kristie Briggs
  • In honor of the lady who so unselfishly helped a cat that had been hit by a car and took it to FFRC, by Mary Grosenbacher
  • In honor of Nikki, my dog, from Carleen
  • In honor of Dawn Schmucker, from the Matt & Darcia Schmucker family
  • In honor of our Dad, Max H who lives in Maine. He watches your cam everyday and enjoys it, his daughter Lisa H
  • In honor of Miss Molly Marie Fuss Budget Miss Priss, from Julie C
  • In honor of Susan C and her 2 kittens, Cleo and Ralph, from Mindy R
  • In honor of my mom’s 84th birthday, from Rita/Cantoncat
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