Ustream Help

Help with Browsers and FFRC on UStream

This document is organised by browser so please scroll to the relevant section. Updates to Browsers and UStream may not be in sync and so might mean problems where there have not been any!!

Steps to regaining connection with UStream

  1. refresh UStream by using refresh button bottom right of video area.
  2. refresh browser with  browser refresh button (looks similar in most)
  3. close browser down, re-open and re-connect to UStream
  4. re-start computer

If none of that works then follow the instructions below for each browser.

Internet Explorer 9
It is vital that incompatibility mode be turned off. Click on the Tools Menu and if Compatibility mode has a tick beside it (on left below), click on the words to make the tick disappear (on right below).

FireFox 10.0.2
Blah blah

Google Chrome 17.0.963.56
Blah blah

Apple Safari 5.1.2 (for Windows)
Blah blah

Blah blah

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