UPDATE and The Cat Car Has Arrived

The Cat Car has arrived!  Steve and I picked it up late afternoon on Wednesday and it’s all finished! I must admit that I love it and having fun with it!  It looks like a big grey tiger cat! Our logo is on it in 3 places.  The Friends of Felines Rescue Center and address and website is on both sides and the back window.  A few Opt To Adopt and Spay or Neuter is also on the car in a few places! It’s good PR for FFRC .  It’s a clutch but Steve has helped me practice. Yesterday I drove it in Fort Wayne and all the way home. And it’s still in one piece! lol

Today was another Humane Ohio spay/neuter day! I love getting these cats done! We sent 41 cats up–this broke down to 26 females and 15 males.  Our grand total for 2018 so far is 234 cats!  I just checked the stats for 2017 and we were at 153 a year ago.  And in 2016, we were at 118 for this March date.

We still have 2 more spay/neuter dates for March.  This Saturday, the 24th is an FFRC surgery day. On Saturday, the 31st, we have a public NEUTER day.  We will schedule 35 boys for that day.  Let’s get these cats done! 

No matter where you live, if you know of any cat that is not neutered, take the cat in for surgery. Wild cats can usually easily be caught in humane traps! Most places have low cost spay/neuter clinics close by. And by all means, if you are feeding outdoor strays, they actually belong to YOU.  Don’t just feed them–that’s just a small part of the responsibility. The biggest gift you can do is to spay/neuter them.  What now may seem like alot of cats to care for can easily double and even quadruple in number in a very short time period. Be a part of the solution–not a part of the problem.

I want to thank you all for making my birthday special yesterday. So many good wishes, cards, balloons, $5 chickie money, flowers, cupcakes, cake, etc—it was all just wonderful and so very much appreciated! Each and everyone of you are important to me and FFRC! My thanks to you! 

We have more thanks to give as we had BOXES on Tuesday!

Anonymous Friend – $50 gold coin 1 oz of gold worth over $1300 on todays market  (wow, wow, wow–I think we will tuck this back for when we have a financial crisis for FFRC–it’s nice to have a nest egg!!
Sandra S – IA Weight Circles, Jamse Harriott Cat Stories,  FlashSale: 2 PurpleTye Chloe kitties
Debbie & Annie – Easter Card – Yoga Pad & Kitty Yoga Towel, 2 Lg. bags Beyond, Bag of Royal Canin BabyCat, 12 cans Wellness, 8 pkgs Prime Taste Treats
Dimwit/RobertD – 10 travel size lint brushes, silver & blue kitty ring, Big bag of Red Pom Poms for Magic
BillieK – Fancy Feast Broths (lots), 4- 8pks of Tuna & 10 lg cans of Salmon
Ed & Julie – Easter Card with weight Circles & $2 Tidy Cat coupon
Jude & Phil – Donation for FFRC
Anony – Book: Betty Tales by Ruth Hartman Bridges about CH kitty
Zorro – 2 cases ProPlan Kitten
Barbara E – 5 Blankies and 11 Adoption Bags
Gossamer  – IL  Kong Ziggies treats for Janie, case of Fancy Feast, 4 cans Friskies
Debbidear – Box of 12 Fancy Feast
  Anony friend – 2 Peace Poles 3′ Plant Happiness, 4′ Sing Your Song, Sing It Loud
  Anony  friend- 2 Telescoping Treking Poles
  Anony friend –  2 Heavy Duty Back Packs
  LostGirl – Laurel Burch: Horsing Around Tote & pr of socks, also pr of socks for Jacci
  Purplecat–for  mod Box of single serve Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds
Birthday Cards–wow–so many came in.  I thank you! I have taken the cards, sit in my comfy inside chair with my cats on me and reread each of them!!  Many thanks!
And more thanks to you!
Brenda R–donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Kris M from MN–donation to FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia–donation for the kitties’ treat
Marie and Ronnie H–donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji–donation to FFRC
Put the kitties in the blue pool.  Mama gets out to walk around.  Kittens hop out of pool.  Mama puts kittens back in pool.  Kittens take a nap, wake up and hops out of the pool.  Volunteer comes in to check on things and puts kittens back in pool.  As soon as the door shuts, out pops the kittens again!  Starting today, kittens can be out of pool (not that we have a big say in the matter anyway!)  So…….if you see Emma Jane’s kittens and the Grey kittens plus all playing together, it’s ok.  Emma Jane knows who is who and continues to nurse her babies just fine!
We have a tentative surgery list for this Saturday.
Annetta–senior calico. She couldn’t have surgery last month due to lung congestion. This time her spay will be done along with an eye enucleation. She will feel so much better with that bad eye removed.
Grizzabella–black tiger/white–spay
Neve–brown tiger/white, white nose–spay
Nedda–brown tiger/white, dark nose–spay
Ashley–white, grey spot on forehead–spay
Aleda–white, 1 blue eye–spay
We also have a couple public cats coming in.
We have a few of our FFRC cats scheduled for physicals:
Avalanche, Giovanna, Jillian, Marilyn, Jones, Vernon
Many of you may know that Jillian ran into a problem yesterday morning. She gave us quite a scare. Within a minute of receiving her distemper vaccine, she collapsed.  I had just went into the house to get something when volunteer Mary E ran and got me. She was limp, had thrown up, pottied and unresponsive. She obviously had a reaction to the vaccine–rarely seen. She immediately was given an injection to help counter her symptoms. I also made a quick phone call to one of our vets who told me an additional med to give.  This was also given.  She slowly started to come around but remained foggy for hours afterwards.  By mid afternoon, she was sitting up and ate a bit of food.  We knew she had survived this. But, as our vet advised, she will never get another distemper vaccines.  Her kittens remained fine throughout all of this. This morning she is fine, eating and grooming her babies!
Jullian’s kittens all have round tummies.  We have 2 orange tigers, 2 orange/whites and 1 dark tiger.  The orangies are all males, the dark tiger is a female. And we have names!
orange tiger, male–Zeek
orange tiger, male–Zino
orange tiger/white (less amount of white), male–Wells
orange tiger/white (more amount of white), male–Wellington
dark tiger, female–Zoie
Don’t worry!  We know the website is “off” right now.  It’s actively being worked on. Isn’t it wonderful when we have something go wonky, that we have people who helps to get us straightened out again!  Many thanks!
94 days is all till Catathon!  Mark your calendar–it’s June 24th!
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