UPDATE and Happy Spring to everyone!

cat smelling flowersHappy Spring to everyone!  While it’s cold out here, all of our snow is gone. Robins are frequently seen, the weeping willows are very yellow, the gold finches are turning their beautiful gold color, the peacocks are fanning and showing off and there’s the best sound–the tree frogs! 

We had kittens yesterday…or rather Jullian did! She gave birth to five kittens in the morning. She had these 5 babies very quickly–no messing around for her!  She has spent the last 24 hours in Dodger’s Pen–no worries–Vernon said he’d camp out of the pen for one night! Today she and babes will go to the back Thumper’s Room in a double condo for more peace and quiet. Then Vernon can reclaim his night time quarters. 
Jillian’s kittens are doing well. All have plump tummies this morning.  We have 3 gold tigers, 1 gold tiger/white and one dark tiger.  Jullian will be spayed when kittens are approximately 6 weeks old and the kittens will be spayed/neutered when they are about 8 weeks old.

Also in the back Thumper’s Room, the five grey plus litter are on the floor all the time now–they are too rambunctious to be in a condo! They have lots of energy.  All are doing very well. Mama Emma Jane are in the blue pool on the floor of the back Thumper’s Room.  Sometimes one of the grey plus kittens comes over and takes a look inside at the smaller kittens.  I think they want to teach these littler ones how to play!  Emma Jane is another wonderful mama.

We have names!  The grey plus litter now have names to go by! 
Blippity–grey dark, female
Bloppity–grey, male
Blu–grey, light, female
Iggy–torti, female
Diggles–gold tiger, male

And we have thanks to give!
Mac&Cheese&Doodlesmom–donation in honor of orangie babies & in memory of Macaroni
Melvin S–donation to FFRC
Dirk K from Germany–donation for Spiker, Ramsay and all the cats
Vicki B–donation to FFRC for Gene
Christopher S–donation to FFRC

BIG NEWS!  FFRC was donated a 1999 Volkswagen!  It’s a great running car. We’ve had it checked over–had the oil changed and a new exhaust system put in. Why the year 1999?  Because that’s the year that FFRC started! The car is right now in Fort Wayne until Wednesday late afternoon. The reason–it’s getting vinyl wrapped! The design is of a grey tiger cat. The complete car will be one big cat! We will have our logo on it in 3 places, Friends of Felines name and address and the website will be on it in 3 places as well. Plus, OPT TO ADOPT and SPAY AND NEUTER.  We can use this as PR for the rescue center and be in the Halloween Parade and the Christmas Parade and for picking up supplies, etc.  No FFRC monies will have been spent on this car.  I am super excited and will have fun with this.  Wednesday afternoon is suppose to be the pick up.  Will take pics as soon as possible! 

Today we will need to do BOXES at noon.  We have some boxes to open, but today is movie day so can’t do at the normal 4:00.  We can’t do tomorrow because we have to pick up the cat car. So, need to get those boxes opened or may be an overload by the time Thursday comes!  See you at noon!

Eddie White continues to amaze me. I asked him the other day–Where is Eddie White and who are you???  lol  Today he decided he needed to go into the house—can you believe that?  This is our Eddie White who has opened into a very inquisitive cat! I told him though–no house. I’m afraid the Z’s wouldn’t be kind to him. So he’s now exploring the Main Area!

Saturday is our spay/neuter day for FFRC cats and kittens. We will weigh those prospective cats and make our surgery list tomorrow.  Thursday is our HumaneOhio day–have a full schedule going into it! 

We are also doing a MALE neuter cat day on March 31, Saturday.  Dr. Darcy is open that day and has offered to be here. If you live in the area, and have a male unneutered cat, we want to see him that day! Please call the office at 419-393-2400.  We will take 30 appointments. Cost is $20.  We will also offer leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests, distemper vaccines.  Each cat will receive a complimentary capstar and wormer.  

The 3 white kittens and Bert are doing great. Growing and tearing around here like crazy!  They still spend their nights in the Cat’s Corner Room but are out alot during the day in the Main Area.  

Here’s some FFRC sites you may enjoy checking out:
Instagram:    instagram.com/ffrckittycam/
twitter:  twitter.com/ffrckittycam
flickr:  flickr.com/photos/fofrescue/

Take care and enjoy this Day of Spring!  

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