Tall Paul

The very first time I saw Paul on cam, he was “headless” but holding a tiny kitten, showing it to us viewers. I fell in love with him at that moment, like many of us. A gentle giant, so loving and tender. The longer i watched, the more i got to see what a LOVING and kind soul he had, saving animals, helping Jacci and Ms Eldora. The playful teasing between Paul and Jacci surely made others giggle, I know I laughed out loud many times.
I know others will have much better stories, and will tell them more eloquently, but I would just like Paul’s Mom and Brother to know that Paul was truly loved by Hundreds of people, many of who never had the honor of meeting him. He touched more lives than I’m sure he knew about, by doing what he loved and believed in. I will truly truly miss his face, laughs, kitty shows, and playfulness on the cam. He will always be remembered with love.

Rockford, IL

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