Solar Panels

We have installed 34 solar panels!! These are now in place, down on the lower area of land, in full sun. I had mentioned in the last blog that our electricity bills are always so so high, and that we wanted to do something positive in helping ourselves with this problem. The company’s name is Superior Energy Solutions. Here’s the reason we added the solar panels:

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and plentiful.
Greatly reduces our electric bill
Reduces air pollution
Reduces water usage
Reduces dependence on nonrenewable energy sources
Helps fight climate change
Can earn tax credits

FFRC’s electric bills frequently are over $1,000 a month (this is an actual FFRC cost–this does NOT include the percent of what electricity the house uses).

These 34 panels have a cost of $37,000. That is “all in”–it includes 100% installation, all the meter changes, the cables from the site to the hook up, everything.

The company we chose is reputable, very helpful and will remain with us through all questions and help we may need.

We have already received our first bill and have a decline! 34 panels should see a return of the cost in 12 years. We need to be active in doing something to reduce our electric bill for FFRC.
Solar panels should be thought of as an investment.

The US is moving towards clean energy and solar is our cheapest option.
If we produce more than we need, that energy is stored for us at AEP for future use, OR AEP buys it, thus further reducing our bills.

Steve and I know very well that this is a lot of money for FFRC. We had a friend come and figure the percent of our electric use for the house versus the rescue center. It’s 75% for FFRC. So, if the solar panels cost us $37,000, then FFRC’s share is $27,750.

Steve and I are covering the $9,250. This money does not come easy for us but we feel strongly that we need to do these panels. The electric bills are just too much to continue keeping up with. We had a little savings put away —we used it all to pay this. We both feel it is an investment.

We’ve decided that from today forward, for 2 weeks (ends on May 10), all donations coming in (straight out donations, flash sales, adoptions, etc.) will go towards this. What we receive, is all that we can ask for. Every penny will go towards this need during these 2 weeks. After May 10, then we have to start saving for our monthly utility bills and medical needs again.

We also realize that it is very probable that FFRC cannot fulfill that $27,750. We will figure something out later of how we can cover that. We have stepped out in faith that all will work out, one way or another.

If you’d like to make a donation to help with this, we are grateful. If you cannot, it’s ok too. We truly understand the shortness of funds. We just truly felt it was time to do something to help ourselves with these electric bills.

If you’d like to help, you can send a PayPal to FFRC (go to our website at and click on PayPal) OR you can send a check–mark it for solar panels OR you can do Venmo OR you can send a money order.

We are grateful as can be and sincerely appreciate any help given for this huge project.

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