Sari and Paul

I have a neat memory of Paul and Sari. I had been watching the center just since christmas 2011 and had noticed that when Paul was there he would go to the top of the cat tree every time and tickle and tease the cat on top… It was only after my Mom said she wanted to adopt a specific cat from the center that I realized that on all those occasions he was playing with Sari. (The cat my mom would ultimately adopt.) It seemed like the first thing he did was when he visited the center was to go and play with her for a minute or two in her cat tree. It was clear that she didn’t like to petted and cuddled like the other cats, but Paul didn’t give up – he went and found her anyways – she never protested that much just batted at his hands a little and then rolled over. I think that said a lot about him. He was a constant friend and will be missed by all of us and Sari too…


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