I have many memories of Paul, having watched the cam for quite some time. But what struck me most about Paul was his genuineness of goodness, love for the kitties, his hardworking attitude and the type of person who would do anything to help at FFRC and I’m sure in other areas of his life. When he walked in the door, I always felt a comfort that Paul was there and was going to chat or start loving the kitties and joking around with the other volunteers at times. He had that way of drawing people to himself, he was attentive and never seemed to have an ounce of phoniness in his body, so rare these days. I also loved his variety of hats which made him look even taller than he was and topped off his personality, each and every hat he wore was so fitting of Paul’s character. Yes, we will all miss Paul so very much, he was a true gift to us with a golden heart as big as he was tall. We love Paul and we experienced his beautiful soul here on earth, which as we say about the kitties, he was loaned to us as a gift and now God has called him back home! Rest in peace Paul, we will always remember your goodness, your love and your heart of gold… Janet Kennaugh, Long Island, NY

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