Paul the Protector

When I think of Paul the first images of him in my mind are obviously ones of him cuddling the kitties, especially his “favorites”, Adora and Promise. Most of the kitties that Paul picked up seemed to melt in his arms and it was obvious that a little bit of Paul’s tough “man’s man” exterior melted too. It really was a precious thing to witness on the cam. Of course, not all kitties were “meltable” but even the more timid ones like Sari and Badu warmed up to Paul as he worked his magic with them. We will never forget Paul pursuing “Badoobie” and her eventually trusting him enough to allow short doses of affection. As strong as these images are in my mind, one image of Paul stands out even stronger. It is of Paul as Jacci’s protector. During a difficult time almost two years ago when ‘someone’ Jacci had been trying to help unleashed a verbal assault on her (with the cam still running) Paul immediately came to Jacci’s defense and after the person had left the property Paul wrapped his big brotherly arms around Jacci, who was naturally distraught, and just held her tight. I’m pretty sure those of us who witnessed the incident on cam wanted to rush to Jacci’s defense as well but with hundreds or in some cases thousands of miles between us we could only watch helplessly. However, when we saw Paul being the protective big brother that Jacci needed at that exact moment we knew she was safe and that soon all would be well again at FFRC. Paul won my total respect that day. Thankfully, there were many lighter moments of interaction between Jacci and Paul that would usually end with Jacci smacking Paul in the arm after being teased and Paul looking at the cam with a twinkle in his eye for some sympathy, which he rarely got. Paul’s presence will certainly be missed at FFRC but wonderful memories of him will remain in our hearts forever.

Darlene McKee (kittygirl7)
Ontario, Canada

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