Paul Memorial

0782Paul, a friend to all. It seems hard to imagine the grief we all feel for a person we have never met, except for on the FFRC web cam. Paul was a true animal lover. I can see Paul sitting in the flower with all the cats and kittens around him. Most of the time there was a kitten in his peaking out of his coat or in his pocket. Paul had the knack for making us all laugh. I remember one night I was watching the cam and Jacci had just finished opening boxes and I was waiting for her to bring out Bravo after his surgery. Paul being the wonderful man he was set up blankets on the floor for Bravo to be placed on. Such a caring and compassionate man when it came to the special needs kitties. I know Bravo held such a special place in Paul’s heart, I think this is why I chose this memory of Paul. I am sure Bravo was waiting for Paul at the Rainbow Bridge.

I have looked through so many photo’s of Paul at FRRC in the last few weeks and they are all so special and wonderful. I would like to thank Paul for all of his dedication and hard work for FFRC. Not a day will pass that I will not remember Paul and all he has done for FFRC.

Jacci my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Prayers to all of Pauls friends, family and his kitties for peace and healing.

Tammy Coyle


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