Paul gets the last word

Pauls Final Farewell (By FaithyMD 10/12/2013)

Tyna noticed Paul was lingering
And so she waited too
She seemed to understand
That he had something to do

They sat together side by side
As others passed them by
Some few they met remembered them
And stopped to say hello

But Paul still lingered
And Tyna still waited
She had waited this long
So a few more days were fated

Then Paul said “Tyna Please
Can we go back for a sec
I think there is a reason”
She said, “What the heck”

She knew he always broke the rules
But she knew that he was wise
Still as they passed back over
Others were surprised

Bondi saw them coming
“Paul? What are you doing here”
Then she saw one passing
And the reason became clear

Minto was approaching
He was so filled with fear
Paul scooped him up quickly
Tyna said, “There There”

Bondi looked in wonder
A miracle to see
“No one else has ventured thus
To rescue one as we”

But Paul he had to do it
Just one more rescued cat
And now that he had Minto
“Bye Bye all” – and that was that

Bye Bye Paul – you always had to have the last word!


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