UntitledI knew Paul for about 23 years, He lived in Buffalo. When we met we were instant friends. We partied and played darts a lot. I was famous for throwing darts at his feet. He never got upset with me because he threw them right back at me. We were always friends, one sweetest day he bought me a rose, just to brighten up my day. He was definitely a very good guy, we had our ups and down with our friendship. We reconnected on facebook which made me so happy to know that he was doing good and was happy with Tyna. Then though his loss and his sickness made it hard because I was not close to stop by to have a few more laughs and one of those great hugs. I told him when we reconnected that if he would have died without saying goodbye I would be mad at him well, Paul I’m not mad. Knowing you are not in pain anymore is good enough for me. I will miss you and love you with all my heart. You did make a difference in my life. Rest In Peace my Friend. Until we meet again on the other side.. Sue Rath

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