Mr. Paul

I don’t know when I first came to the cam. It feels like a century ago, but at the same time only yesterday. That’s how I think about my “introduction” to Paul. He just seemed to be there, ya know? I’d call him a “gliding presence.” All of a sudden there’d be a bell dinging and he’d come through the door, usually in overalls… in the hot weather, with a cutoff tee. If he didn’t make a detour to talk with Jacci or a volunteer, a cat would usually find its way into his hands before he got more than a few steps in. Or, he’d scoop one up to love on. Occasionally, one would leap on or crawl up his back, but he’d take it in stride — actually, I think he probably really enjoyed it. Truth be told, I don’t think Paul met a feline he didn’t like or couldn’t bond with. He was obviously a cat person from the get-go (with 6 kittehs of his own, ya think?).

Used to get a charge out of his kidding with Jacci & volunteers. His cam chats brought the Center that much closer for all those many hundreds (thousands?) of us in the aptly named “FFRC Nation” scattered across the globe. His personality was easy going, funny & friendly and it came through. Except for catopractor Dr. Bill who makes many cat fans with his adjustments & kitty massages, probably more cats per sq foot took to Paul than most anyone. Animals know.

Well, let me not go on and on, but relinquish space for others who have beautiful, heartfelt tales to tell. Let me just say, it was a comforting, happy experience to have encountered Paul Marowelli in the magical place known as FFRC. Blessings on you, Paul. Keep spreading your love and joy. 🙂

~ Ardith Oakes (//msawo@ffrc camchat)

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