Kitty Christmas 2023

Kitty Christmas Event

December 2, 2023

So, what is Kitty Christmas? Over the next couple of weeks, people can send boxes or monetary donations to FFRC, noting that they are for Kitty Christmas. On the day of Kitty Christmas, December 2nd, it will be one LARGE unboxing. It is like regular box day but times 100! Or more!! It is always a surprise of how many boxes we can get!!

The unboxing fun begins at 10:00 AM, FFRC time!

In the meantime, donations can start flying into FFRC. As donations come in, we will post some pictures of the Kitty Christmas storage pod as boxes begin to fill it, which adds to the suspense of how much we can get donated to surprise Megan and FFRC!!  Let’s fill the pod!!!

Important Information

Boxes, checks/money orders should be sent to:
FFRC c/o (your name)
Kitty Christmas 2023
14597 Power Dam Road
Defiance OH 43512

Monetary donations can be sent via PayPal or Venmo.
FFRC’s PayPal and Venmo links can be found HERE.

For an easy way to shop, check out our AMAZON WISH LIST!!

Visit our Things We Need page for ideas of what to send!!

What does FFRC need in a year to operate?

  • 20,000 Cans of Cat Food – That’s right! Twenty THOUSAND cans of food!
  • A Ton of Dry Cat Food – Purina One, Iams, ProPlan, Eukanuba are good brands.
  • 1200 Jars of Meat Only Baby Food – Derecho Sez “I don’t eat them all!”
  • 1000 Packets of Treats – Center Kitties, Covies, Porchies, and Barnies all love treats!
  • 10,000 Pounds of Cat Litter – Oh My! That’s a lot of Scooping!
  • Lots of Cleaning Supplies – Chlorox Wipes/Bleach/White Vinegar/Mr. Clean/Mr. Clean Erasers/Dawn Soap/HE Liquid Laundry Soap/Bounce Dryer Sheets/Bath Towels
  • Paper and Trash Products – Paper Plates/Toilet Paper/Paper Towels/13 gal. Garbage Bags/30-33 gal. Garbage Bags/Grocery Bags without Holes
  • Kitten Season Needs – KMR – Liquid, Kitten Food – Royal Babycat/FancyFeast Kitten/Purina One Kitten, Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes (Please make sure that they DO Not have Alcohol – Vitamin E and Aloe are ok)
  • Kitty Happiness and Adoptions – Toys, beds
  • Volunteer Happiness – Treats for volunteers! Packages of snacks or other small fun items for the volunteers can either be included or sent directly to FFRC.
  • Gift Cards – Can’t decide what to send? Gift cards are nice and Megan can use them when supplies run low. She prefers gift cards to:
    • Meijer
    • Walmart
    • Pet Supply Plus
    • Shell Gas
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