Good news and bad news

ustream-crisisI had a long talk on Friday with our new contact at UStream and she is awesome. We discussed and addressed all of the observations, concerns, and complaints that were brought to the attention of the mods and myself and have a plan for tackling most of them.

  1. Mid roll commercials – these are the commercials that come up while watching the centers live stream. Apparently FFRC got lucky for the last year or two as they were supposed to have been running all this time… But they weren’t – Sorry to say they are here to stay.
  2. Inappropriate commercials – specifically the Amy Schumer show’s commercials – They can block certain ads but
  3. Loud commercials – this should be illegal like it is for commercials but they dont have the facility to control the source volume for the broadcaster, ad provider and the end users computer – so dont turn it up too loud, you know to expect a commercial.
  4. Frequency of commercials – UStream has told us that we will be able to adjust the frequency of commercials on the site but we dont know how yet… The contact at UStream is sending me some documentation oh how it is supposed to work. With any luck we can lower or adjust the frequency so its less obtrusive.
  5. Ad blocker – and last but not least is the ad blocker question. The bottom line is if the commericial does not play the center wont get paid. Until we find a way to live with it or change it – blocking the ads denies the center of revenue from your visit and viewership. However we know you love us and we love you and wont hold it against you.

I wanted to say one last thing about UStream and that is this. Until the roll out of this new program and the forced Midroll of commercials at regular intervals during the broadcast we really have been taking them for granted. The service has had a better than 99% uptime since I have been working with the center – That is a year and a half of 24/7 broadcasting without interruption (on their part) AND they have paid us to do it!

So I wanted to thank UStream for their fabulous product (regardless of spotty customer service) and ask you all to be patient while we work with them to try and make these new policies work with the FFRC structure. Rest assured that if we cannot make it work,we are exploring alternatives.

Cheers all and w00t!


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