For Paul’s memorial Page from Fiona aka AuntyFi on chat

imageHi Lenz,

Please can you include the following on Paul’s memorial page for me. Please do not include my email address.

Tall Paul, (Never To Be Forgotton)
(version edited by AuntyFi)

Chalk on the sidewalk, writin’ on the wall
Everybody knows it, We love Paul,Tall Paul, Tall Paul
Tall Paul, he was our all

Chalk on the sidewalk
(Chalk on the sidewalk)
‘Nitials on a tree
(‘Nitials on a tree)

Ev’rybody knew it
(Ev’rybody knew it)
Paul loved FFRC
(Tall Paul)

With the king-size arms
(Tall Paul)
With the king-size charms
(Tall Paul)

With the king-size kiss for the kitties
(He’s was our all)
He’s was our all

(Tall Paul was our love, Meeting Tall Paul was our dream)
(He’s was our Friend and Colleague at FFRC)
He’s was the kitties mountain, he was their tree
We were always ready for Paul to see.

Tall Paul
(With the great big smile)
Tall Paul
(With the great big eyes)

Tall Paul
(With the great big kiss for the kitties)
He was our all
Tall Paul, tall Paul
Tall Paul, he was our all

Paul Marowelli, you were a huge part of FFRC and I am missing you loads.

AuntyFi xx
From London, UK

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