What’s On The Inside Is What Matters

Derecho has been asking and asking to tell another story. He loves talking to his friends! There’s been something weighing heavy on his mind lately. We sat down and had a good long talk and I think I’ve got it figured out. He wants these thoughts known—

You know, there’s a lot of different cats out there. Just like people. Some people have unique challenges, just like some cats have unique challenges. And what exactly does this mean? Really, in Derecho’s thinking (and mine too), it doesn’t mean a thing! Yes, some people have trouble seeing, some have trouble thinking correctly, some have trouble walking—the list goes on and on.  And here, at FFRC, we have cats with 2 legs, 3 legs, 1 eye, CH-ers that have mobility problems, scarred emotionally cats. This list goes on and on too.

But, as Derecho says, it’s what we DO WITH OUR THINKING, that’s important. We love the cats, no matter what, right? If they don’t function exactly as what we perceive as “normal,” don’t we still love them, no matter what? That’s right. Derecho was grinning and meowing over that thought—we, here at FFRC and our FFRC friends, absolutely love these cats regardless of their challenges. Just like any challenge, it’s how we face them that defines whether they define us or we define the odds.

And so…..lights bulbs are going off in his head—I can see his eyes sparkling with this thought……then, shouldn’t people do the same for other people with challenges?!!  Well, OF COURSE!!!!! What an awesome way of thinking! I told Derecho he is absolutely right. It’s what is on the INSIDE of us that matters. Oh, Derecho…he makes me laugh. He says, HIS insides are good as he loves all cats and people! Gotta love this boy! And so, his wish for all of us who call FFRC their favorite kitty place, is to open up your insides to everyone (I really think he means your heart though!) Our cats embrace every challenge as an obstacle to overcome, not one that defines who they are or what they cannot do. They do what they can do and what wonderful things they can do.

And then here comes Coralie, Derecho’s good friend. She had been listening in. She insisted her thoughts were known too:  Embrace who each person or cat is. Be defined by what you do, not what you cannot do, and never let anyone define what you cannot do. And I say—-Coralie and Derecho have said it all! Love these cats!

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