Trucker Jan2017


Trucker was just 6 weeks old when he arrived at Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH. He was in a very strange position. You see, his back legs were clear up by his ears. And they were as stiff as a board. A family found Trucker and knew he needed some help. He has the birthday of 5/28/14.

If there’s ever a cat out there that could have their patience level measured, Trucker’s would reach semi-truck in bigness. He has had so many things done to him to try and help. And the whole time he has kept a true happy heart.

After much discussion with the vet, it was decided that Trucker’s life would be greatly improved by the removal of these stiff limbs. Just trying to eat was a difficult feat—those rear legs would be in the food dish before he could even eat. And drinking was difficult—can you imagine having to deal with those legs being up by his ears? So, once he became a bit bigger, we were able to remove one leg at a time, one week apart. The difference was amazing! He was free to eat comfortably and to run like the wind with his front legs.

And then we came upon another trouble. Trucker has had chronic diarrhea/IBS since he was a little tyke. He was born with a very long tail but because of the trouble in his hip/pelvic area, his tail was useless—no feeling. This meant that when he would potty, he would have a rather messy tail. He didn’t like that at all. After all, cats like to be clean. So, another surgery—his tail was removed.

And now, we have a complete Trucker. I say this because now life is happy and enjoyable for him. No stiff rear legs hindering everything he did and now no messy tail! This cat can zoom like he has a motor attached! He sits straight up and pumps those front legs. His muscles are so strong—he’s very proud of that!
Trucker and myself have a special attachment. He is known as my personal cat! And because of that, I take him for walks sometimes on the farmyard. In Trucker’s heart, he is a tiger. He races up to the peacocks, sticks his chest out and then whap, whap, whap—he lets those peacocks know that he is the boss of them! I once saw a very big dog come into the Rescue Center. Trucker was full speed ahead and he ran right up to the dog. He reached up and planted his paw on the dog’s face—whap, whap, whap. His bravery level is sky-high. He made sure all the cats were safe!

His best buddy is Magic, another two-legged cat. They eat together, sleep together, and just so enjoy life! They are quite a force of love, bravery, and sweetness!

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