The Talk Among Derecho And The Cats

Did you know that every cat is born with kindness? It shows up in different ways but it’s there, just the same. And it’s something humans can learn from. Derecho recently gathered the residents together to talk about this. Right now, while there’s changes going on within FFRC and no kittens are present (it’s winter……just wait till spring!!) Derecho wanted to punt that word kindness around to his resident friends.

So……Derecho asked the group—what is kindness? Lightbulbs went off, tails started swishing, whiskers came forward and paws shot up into the air. Vernon says it means caring enough to purr to a human when he’s been given an “uppie.” Coralie added that it means caring enough to listen, to truly listen with both ears (even though some cats have short ears as does Coralie!). Pania added her thoughts–kindness means helping those that have capabilities, when help is needed. Magic put his paw up in the air—it also means showing genuine compassion! Nyota slipped her thoughts in too–kindness means to be kind intentionally, even when life sometimes is hard. Ramsay cleared his throat, wanting to be heard. Derecho called him to the floor. Tell us Ramsay, what kindness means to you. Ramsay said in his soft tones–kindness goes beyond merely being nice. Being kind is doing intentional, voluntary acts of kindness–like what Nyota was saying.

Such a thoughtful gang of residents. Camvie added–just think….if WE all practice kindness, it will make FFRC glow even more! Yeah, added Asha. Then when the kittens start coming in and the visitors return, people will see that kindness spread all about and know that we have very special kittens and cats here at FFRC.

Spiker was shooting two paws into the air, with an important comment! Just think about what love really means and what it means to love someone. Got it? THAT is kindness. Lucie had more to add–we can spread kindness through our purrs and doing something nice for our volunteers. That shows we love them. Kiara suggested sharing–sharing our cat toys with the upcoming newbies would be so comforting to them!

Hensley was deep in thought when Derecho called upon him. Ummmmm–I have something to say! None of us are perfect cats, although we sure do try! But being patient with each others imperfections also shows kindness. The other day I accidently bumped into Alma or maybe she bumped into me? But we both said that we were sorry—that shows we care! Alma agreed with Hensley–the neat thing about that is, it makes a cat feel good! And it makes us want to forward on that act of kindness!

Marilyn, being the mother type of the group, had a big suggestion! Kindness can be a movement! If we all do an act of kindness a day, it makes us feel happy. And that happiness can move on to other cats. Even the volunteers will feel the happy thoughts in the air. It can be started right here at FFRC–we can act with the intention of being kind!

And so it goes…….our resident cats are superb in their sweetness, their kindness, their compassion, their patience, and their love. Us humans can learn a lot from them! Let us also be kind and offer grace. Derecho and the residents have given us much to think about! We can be the Inspire Kindness Team!

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