This cat has made several journeys in her life. Rosemary is now 6 years old, a beautiful white calico.

She has a huge desire to live. When she was just a baby, she was found in a farmer’s field with both rear legs severed and infested with maggots. It was thought that she met up with some farm equipment. She was taken to a rescue where her rear legs were removed.  Intentions were good, but then things went awry. That rescue became a hoarders situation. It took quite some time for things to come together for law enforcement to come in and confiscate every single cat. Many were in poor condition.

Rosemary was sent to a very nice shelter and had to stay there for several months until the courts decided the placement of the cats. Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, Oh was promised Rosemary. And we were thrilled!

As soon as we were given permission to get her, we were there the next day. The first order of business was a veterinary physical which showed she was very much in need of a dental, which we had done. After several extractions and removing tartar, she has pearly whites!

Rosemary acted like she’d known us all of her life. She quickly made herself comfortable at FFRC.  Her 2-leggedness didn’t bother her at all. She was everywhere! And she made friends quickly with both the cats and humans.

But, then, she discovered the door that goes into the house of the director, Jacci Moss (the house is attached to FFRC). It took all of one day for her to figure out that when that door opened, she could zoom in faster than could be seen. She obviously had made her choice and was adopted by Jacci.

Being two-legged doesn’t bother her at all. She can zoom up the stairs as fast as the 4-legged cats. She also has such a sassy meow! And it gets the message across! One kind of meow means–put me on the back of the tall chair to watch the birds.  Another tone of meow means—I’d like to be put on the short chair to watch the bird feeders. And of course, the special meow–it means treats now please! She definitely has a way of communicating!

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