Do you believe in magic? We do, here at Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center in Defiance, OH.  Magic is our grey speedster boy! He arrived here as a little kitten of 6 weeks old from Tennessee in January 2015.  He had been at a rescue but due to his severe leg deformities, FFRC was asked to help him.  We drove down to get him and returned already in love with this little boy.

Magic was so very tiny, just 14 ounces. He was bottle fed, tested, wormed, and vet checked. Much work went into getting his loose stools under control. Slowly but surely he started gaining weight. And his personality blossomed!

Then we had to deal with the issue causing him the most trouble—those rear legs.  Magic’s rear legs were so deformed; they looked like a pretzel which caused him a lot of trouble when he had to potty. In April 2015, during two separate surgeries, both rear legs were removed.  He went from having to handle those rear legs that caused him pain to a zooming kitten!

Magic is a wonder. He loves everyone. He has a best bud, Trucker who is also two-front-legged. They are very close in age and frequently can be seen snoozing and playing together.  There is a real connection between these two cats.

Then we came upon another trouble—that long tail became a hindrance to him. Magic tried so hard to get into the litterboxes (most of the time he was successful!), but that tail, because of the lack of muscle tone, was forever getting messy. And he did not like this. The reason is that he constantly had to have baths. Like many typical kittens, he was just too busy for that. So, another surgery removed the tail that was useless anyway. He couldn’t wave it around like a “normal” cat could.  Now, Magic’s world was great. He could potty without a problem of getting messy.

Some of our cats have disabilities. All of our cats have cat-abilities. It’s amazing what can happen. Cats just figure things out—how can they handle this? How can they accomplish that desire to do something? They are cats and can simply do it! They do not waste time feeling sorry for themselves—they simply get on with the act of living and have a whole lot of fun doing it! They are amazing. In their heads, they are fine and dandy, just as they are!

Magic has become a permanent resident of FFRC.  He still has occasional potty accidents for which he is always very very sorry. He’s like a beacon to us—showing us that no matter what life throws at you, it can be dealt with. It’s how it is handled that matters. He just smiles and gets right on going with life! I know that Magic has been an inspiration to many folks—they’ve told us how he gives them courage to carry on.

Magic has a special toy that he extra loves. Those sparkly pom poms are high on his list of likes! He knows many volunteers carry an extra ball around in their pockets, just for him. He will run up to them and look with those expectant eyes of his, waiting for the ball to be tossed for him to chase.

He also loves to race! Some of his cat buddies will start in one room and race throughout the Rescue Center. It doesn’t matter that he only has his front legs—he generally is the winner! He sits straight up and cranks those front legs in motion full speed ahead, with his head held high! He knows he can win!

Magic is now 2 years old and is a very happy, capable cat.  His name is Magic FFRC, Friend of Trucker, Friend of Many.  And we love him very much.

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