Derecho’s Whippersnapper Lessons

Derecho has some things to pass on to those litter whippersnappers (the kittens). Derecho is our wise and very welcoming cat.  He has so much sensitivity that it oozes out of him.

Kitten season is upon us. This means there’s a lot of kittens here that, in Coralie’s opinion, just don’t know too much. So, when you see Derecho snuggling up to them, he is whispering sweet notes in their ears.

One thing they must remember─never, ever slip into Alma’s bed.  He tells them that Alma’s domain is strictly hers. It’s HER bed, HER pad, HER toy, and HER space─no kitties welcome.  This is a safety rule that he teaches the kittens.

And then there’s Anayaa.  He tells them─just watch her─she’s an expert at getting food whenever she wants. It’s all in her eyes─they say “Feed me, feed me.”  And the meow—it’s unique because it says “Now, now.”  Yep, just watch her, kittens, and you will get all the food you want.

And if by chance you don’t get quite enough food to fill your tummy, then watch Camvi. She has this very special way of sitting on a plate—as cute as a bug in a rug (and that’s not a flea!). What better way to say that you’re hungry. All kittens would be wise to pay attention to this trick.

And Derecho has picked out the bestest purr-er. Pay attention, kittens—follow Zelda’s lead. She has an awesome purr. If you learn this lesson, you for sure will get a wonderful home.

Another bit of advice from Derecho—grab every lap available! Just watch Cutie and she will guide you on this. If someone sits down on the floor, jump in that lap.  If someone sits on the bench, crawl right up and snuggle in. And then do the Cutie thing—worm your way right into their hearts. That way also you will be assured of a home.

It is important to Derecho to teach the young’uns about patience. You see, we have those CH cats and sometimes they bump and fall onto other cats. All it takes is patience—the CH’ers don’t mean anything by those bumps, it’s just the way they are. So, accept them “as is” and have fun playing with them!

And kitties─do you like to climb? Then Derecho tells them to just watch Pania! She’s blind you know, but watch how she trusts herself to climb! Just like Elsie. Maybe practice that─close your eyes and just “feel” with those pawsies of yours. Trust yourself. And don’t worry─if you fall, you will bounce. Did you know that? Jacci is always saying these kittens and CH cats must have rubber in their bones cause they bounce right back! Plus, you’ll get any volunteer that’s at the Center to come running to hold you!

One last lesson from Derecho is very important. Always be kind, little kittens. It’s good for the soul. For this lesson, watch Asha. She is one of the sweetest cats ever. And it makes everyone happy to be around her. You’ll never see Asha poking a whisker at anyone or taking a whack at another cat with her claw. She has learned that being kind is the right way to be. It brings smiles and purrs all around.

So, now, you whippersnappers—snug up for a nap with Derecho. You’ll cuddle, keep warm, and purr together in harmony!

Our Derecho has taught the kittens these valuable lessons.


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