Derecho’s Insight on FFRC Talk

Derecho’s been here long enough—5 years—that he has learned the FFRC language. He is so smart that he, of course, understands meow talk. And then he has learned human talk. But……..there’s a third language he also knows, known as the FFRC talk.

What’s that, you say? Well, Derecho is chomping at the catnip to tell you all about it. You see, there’s special words here that only FFRCans know about.

Pania Flakes—try ordering those from a company and they won’t know what you’re talking about. But Derecho does! Pania flakes are actually Bonito flakes….and ALL cats know what that is. They love it! Here at FFRC, it’s known as Pania flakes. The real Pania loves these the best of any of the cats so every morning, the Pania flakes has to be dispensed.

The Color of Paddy—Derecho says he bets a big tuna you won’t find that color among the Crayola crayons. But, we as FFRCans know that it means the color of BUFF—like a Paddy Purr or Paddy Cake!

Chicken Money!–Now what could that possibly be? Money to raise chickens with? Derecho says, surely we jest—everyone knows what $5 chickie money is! For the very special $5 bills sent to us, the cats get a chickie snacker. Yep, real chicken. Sometimes roasted, sometimes cooked on the grill!

Uppie!–What does that mean? Is there a bird flying by to look at? Nope, says Derecho. It means UP! Lift me up! Hold me up! Put me up by your shoulder to hug! Uppie! You can ask Vernon this too—one of his favorite words!

Baby Neeble—what??? Every kitten and cat has to have a series of vaccines. But, no one wants a big ole’ shot. Those needles hurt! Derecho has to explain this to all newbies coming in—no worry, a vaccine here at FFRC is given with a baby neeble—so tiny and doesn’t hurt at all! Plus, sometimes you get a bit of yummies afterwards! Those pokies don’t hurt at all with a baby neeble!

Gruel—ick—that sounds terrible. Derecho has to let those little tiny ones know that gruel is a great thing! It’s a creation of FFRC—a rich, wonderful, yummy food made just for little ones. Packs on the weight, gives good nutrition, and makes for an FFRC tummy!

Well, Derecho is tired. It’s time for a nap. Want to learn more FFRC language? Just watch the cam and you’ll learn!

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