Derecho’s Chat


A Chat among Friends with Derecho

Derecho sets the tone for Friends of Felines Rescue Center (FFRC). He is the great introducer of new cats to all the other cats that arrive. Derecho’s heart is simply “huge!” His heart holds lots of love, compassion, and understanding for ALL the cats. He sets a great example for all our kitties. I can imagine these are the things that he would say to the cats of FFRC, such as Lucas, our new cat….

Lucas came up to the Main Area today and had a talk with Derecho. Derecho pointed out Elsie—the cat with no eyes—she’s annoying at times because she likes to be everywhere, but she’s a good sport and a fun friend. And then there’s Coralie—yes, she’s missing many parts, but she’s a happy girl and we have come to know her as a great friend. Also on the list of “must meet” are Trucker and Magic—they just have their two front legs and can really zoom around from one end of the center to the other. Just don’t follow Trucker too closely (you’ll find out about that yourself later). And then we have our beautiful Asha—she’s a bit on the fluffy side and that is ok—she teaches others how to purr. Joline is a real pretty girl—she’s a Persian citizen and she would gladly show you how to eat without having any teeth, just in case you would need that information sometime in your future. You’ll need to meet Walter too—you see, he’s deaf and he loves going in circles—it’s just a “thing” that he does. If you need a friend to talk things over, he’s your cat for that. Then there’s Cricket—a youngster, coal black—he will teach you all about the yumminess of snatching baby food for a well-deserved snacker. Did you see Farrah—she is the beautiful white cat who has a history of seizures, but hasn’t had any now for a long while. She will teach you how to take medicine nicely, just in case you need to know that.

Oh! And we must not forget Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr, the twins—one believes in the Catnip Fairy and the other in the Salmon Spirit, either way, they’re still the bookend brothers! Then there’s Sea Turtle—she’s brown and is very old. She has a lot to teach any cat, including how to snatch a Dorito at lunchtime. There’s another cat to meet too—Pania had one eye removed and the other is rather bulgy—she’s a Siamese citizen. Pania will teach you the joy of Bonito flakes. We also have two boys that have a disorder called CH—Vernon and Hensley—they sometimes like to fight and argue, but you know, we still love them.

So…….Lucas, you now have a small sampling of what is going on at FFRC, our home whether it be temporary or permanent. We have people here who love us to pieces and give of their time to come in and take care of us. Here at FFRC, we have met many people from around the world—they too are so different, just like us cats. We cats all get along wonderfully for the most part. Some of us cats are white, some black, some brown, some with disabilities (we prefer to call them catabilities). We have small and big cats, young and old cats. We are all important, just like people are. We all come from different backgrounds and heritages, but we sure do love each other. We all know that we don’t have to look the same, be the same, or think the same..…we can still be friends and enjoy each other, just like people! So, Lucas—from me, Derecho, and all the other FFRC kitties, we welcome you and wish you a long and happy life!

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