June 17th through June 22nd (Monday through Saturday)
10AM to 5PM each day

The 2024 Cat-a-Thon is an Adopt-an-Envelope event. How this works:
There will be 400 envelopes. The envelope you choose to ‘adopt’ is the amount you are contributing to the funraiser. (i.e., you pick envelope 298 = you PayPal/check/Venmo $298).

FIRST: To pick an envelope, you must call (419-393-2400 between 10AM to 5PM) or email ( to confirm your number. This is to prevent people picking duplicate numbers.
THEN: Once you get confirmation from FFRC, you can send in your donation.

Each envelope contains a ticket for a drawing!  On Saturday, June 22nd, for each row of 16 envelopes, a ticket will be drawn for the winner of a thank you prize!

Events are planned throughout the week for entertainment and viewer participation.  Come join us for the fun and to support FFRC!

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FFRC also accepts cash, checks, and money orders!!

We now also accept Venmo!! If you have a Venmo account, please click the Venmo icon, log in, and send a donation or payment to FFRC by sending to:  @FFRCrescue

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Spay and Neuter Program

Friends of Felines Rescue Center






FFRC is working in conjunction with HumaneOhio.

We are committed to reduce the overpopulation problem of cats in Defiance and our area counties.

All spays/neuters are performed by qualified, licensed veterinarians. Each cat receives a physical exam and quality, 24-hour, pain medication.


HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Call FFRC at 419-393-2400 to set up an appointment. Calls are ONLY taken on the first of the month for the following month. We will do this transport twice a month. Drop offs/pick ups are both at FFRC. The drop off time is 5:30 AM.  Pick up time is 5:30 PM.

PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONS: No food after midnight if the animal is 4 months or older. No food after 5:00 AM if the cat is under 4 months old. They can have water.

Mama cats can be spayed when kittens are 6 weeks old. Kittens can be spayed/neutered when 2 pounds, usually that happens at 8 weeks of age.

Cats must be in a plastic crate (size appropriate) or a humane trap. NO WIRE CAGES OR SOFT SIDED CARRIERS. One cat per crate/trap. WILD CATS MUST COME IN A HUMANE TRAP.  If we must change your carrier to a proper crate, there will be a $20 charge, non-refundable.

Cats will receive a small green tattoo on their underbelly near the umbilicus to identify that they have been fixed. If the cat is an outdoor cat/stray/wild, the left ear will be tipped (a universal sign that this cat has been neutered/spayed).



  • Indoor cats/owned, male or female — $80 (includes physical and pain meds)
  • Outdoor cats/stray/feral, male or female — $45 (includes physical, rabies vaccine, eartip, and pain meds)
  • No extra cost for pregnant cats, in heat cats, or eartip.


  • Nail trim: $10
  • Capstar (quick flea kill pill): $5
  • Advantage Multi (flea/parasite treatment): $18
  • Rabies vaccine: $15
  • Feline distemper vaccine: $15
  • Microchip: $25

FFRC’s info:   14597 Power Dam Road, Defiance, OH      419-393-2400      website:

HumaneOhio’s website:      Located in Toledo, OH       419-266-5607

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