Cat-a-Thon 2024


June 17th through June 22nd (Monday through Saturday)
10AM to 5PM each day

The 2024 Cat-a-Thon is an Adopt-an-Envelope event. How this works:
There will be 400 envelopes. The envelope you choose to ‘adopt’ is the amount you are contributing to the funraiser. (i.e., you pick envelope 298 = you PayPal/check/Venmo $298).

FIRST: To pick an envelope, you must call (419-393-2400 between 10AM to 5PM) or email ( to confirm your number. This is to prevent people picking duplicate numbers.
THEN: Once you get confirmation from FFRC, you can send in your donation.

Each envelope contains a ticket for a drawing!  On Saturday, June 22nd, for each row of 16 envelopes, a ticket will be drawn for the winner of a thank you prize!

Events are planned throughout the week for entertainment and viewer participation.  Come join us for the fun and to support FFRC!

Megan and Lynnette explain CAT-A-THON!!

Click to donate now!

FFRC also accepts cash, checks, and money orders!!

We now also accept Venmo!! If you have a Venmo account, please click the Venmo icon, log in, and send a donation or payment to FFRC by sending to:  @FFRCrescue

[Search for FFRC under Businesses and be sure to see the FFRC logo]

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