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Catstock 2019

A Time for Friends, Fun, Food, and Enjoyment!!
September 7, 2019
1 pm to 4 pm


Pre-Catstock Fun!!

Friday evening, September 6th

brings on the FireCircle, Friends, Food and a Movie.

In the evening, the firecircle will be busy and ready for s’mores, marshmallows and pudgy pies!

And then, when darkness sets in, a movie right under the shelter house! You are all invited!

Saturday before the Band starts, we will have a lunch for everyone—lots of good grilling!!

Plus, supper is also provided–all under the shelter house! Great food abounds!


Saturday, September 7th beginning at 1 PM


This is a time for Friends, Fun, Food and Enjoyment!

Come join us for the friendship.

Enjoy the cats—spend as much time as you’d like petting, brushing and getting to know them!

The Covies too will be waiting for their share of attention!

There will be lots of visitors, chatters, lurkers here – come meet them all!

There will be some good fun “stuff” to do too—

FFRC Cat Bingo–free with great prizes!!

Corn Hole

50/50 Drawing

Grown up Chalk Fun

Big Cat Mural to color in

Golf cart rides to see the backwater

Canvas paintings–already started with FFRC paw prints

—and lots more!


Catstock has come to be where we all just “hang out” in peace, love and harmony.

Chit chat the day away visiting everyone and the cats.

And of course, it’s fun to dress the part (if you’d like)! You can be a far-out hippie for the day.

Come for the day, come for the whole weekend, just come and have fun!

This is all about YOU and enjoying yourself at FFRC!

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center • 14597 Power Dam Road • Defiance, Ohio 43512419-393-2400
Live at: YouTube FFRC

Catathon 2019 !!!!!

Please join us for an afternoon of fun

as we attempt to raise funds for

The Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center!

What:  Our 9th annual Catathon, an on-line telethon.  PREREGISTRATION IS CLOSED

When:  Sunday, June 23, 2019, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST   View Schedule & Catalog

Where:  Watch us on our 24/7 webcam at YouTube’s:   FOFRescueCenter Live Stream

How:  To call in your bids, you must call at 419-393-2400.

Why: We routinely have between 100-130 cats/kittens that we care for at any given time here at the Rescue Center. We need financial assistance to continue the high standard of care that is given to them.

Celebrating 20 Years of FFRC

Help Us Celebrate the 20th Anniversary

of the

Friends of Felines Rescue Center !!

UPDATE and The Cat Car Has Arrived

The Cat Car has arrived!  Steve and I picked it up late afternoon on Wednesday and it’s all finished! I must admit that I love it and having fun with it!  It looks like a big grey tiger cat! Our logo is on it in 3 places.  The Friends of Felines Rescue Center and address and website is on both sides and the back window.  A few Opt To Adopt and Spay or Neuter is also on the car in a few places! It’s good PR for FFRC .  It’s a clutch but Steve has helped me practice. Yesterday I drove it in Fort Wayne and all the way home. And it’s still in one piece! lol

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Spay and Neuter Program

Friends of Felines Rescue Center






FFRC is working in conjunction with HumaneOhio.

We are committed to reduce the overpopulation problem of cats in Defiance and our area counties.

All spays/neuters are performed by qualified, licensed veterinarians. Each cat receives a physical exam and quality, 24-hour, pain medication.


HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Call FFRC at 419-393-2400 to set up an appointment. We will do this transport twice a month, usually the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Drop offs/pick ups are both at FFRC. The drop off time is 5:30-6:00 AM.  Pick up time is around 5:30 PM.

PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONS: No food after midnight if the animal is 4 months or older. No food after 6 AM if the cat is under 4 months old. They can have water.

Mama cats can be spayed when kittens are 6 weeks old. Kittens can be spayed/neutered when 2 pounds, usually that happens at 8 weeks of age.

Cats must be in a plastic crate (size appropriate) or a humane trap. NO WIRE CAGES OR SOFT SIDED CARRIERS. One cat per crate/trap. WILD CATS MUST COME IN A HUMANE TRAP.

Cats will receive a small green tattoo on their underbelly near the umbilicus to identify that they have been fixed. If the cat is an outdoor cat/stray/wild, the left ear will be tipped (a universal sign that this cat has been neutered/spayed).



  • Indoor cats/owned, male or female — $50 (includes physical)
  • Outdoor cats/stray/feral, male or female — $35 (includes physical, Rabies Vaccine and eartip)
  • No extra cost for pregnant cats, in heat cats, or eartip. ALL cats receive a vet physical and soreness meds for the first 24 hours at no cost.


  • Nail trim: $5
  • Capstar (quick flea kill pill): $5
  • Advantage Multi (flea/parasite treatment): $15
  • Rabies vaccine: $10
  • Feline distemper vaccine: $15
  • Microchip: $20

FFRC’s info:   14597 Power Dam Road, Defiance, OH      419-393-2400      website: fofrescue.org

HumaneOhio’s website:   humaneohio.org      Located in Toledo, OH       419-266-5607

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