Oh and a long response as well…

Straight from UStream Support – but it looks like someone took the time to write this – it looks like there may be some benefit to the ads, but whether it justifies the intrusion into the live stream I am not sure…
*********** FROM USTREAM ON MAY 07 2013 ************

Thank you for replying to us.

I will be happy to answer your questions bellow:

1. In the new Program we introduce a broader lineup of ad vendors, in addition to Google AdSense. These include another Google entity, DoubleClick AdExchange, leading worldwide ad networks such as BrightRoll, TubeMogul, but also a lot of international partners who help monetize any non-US viewership. Note, every ad vendor – while providing diverse ads – is required to filter their advertising to be fitting for our audiences. Where there is an automated tool to block sensitive categories we do this ourselves, and where there is no such automation, we communicate our guidelines to every involved party. These guidelines are extremely strict, but just as with any ad network, there might be exceptions when an unwanted commercial is mixed into the many ads shown. In these cases we kindly request the cooperation of those who encounter it, so we can alert our partners. ( We did this the same way with AdSense ).

2. In-video overlays ( the banner sized ads on the bottom of the screen ) are retired due to low income rates.

3. The increase is estimated from the broader coverage, as the new ad sources begin to overbid each other for the ad space. Both coverage and prices are thus driven higher. Side-note, the ‘forced ads’ are the Mid-roll breaks that have been standard on Ustream for years, only the previous ( Google ) revenue share program users stayed exempt until now.

4. While we can not estimate revenue changes for specific channels, overall we anticipate an increase of up to-, or over 100%.

5. Yes, since AdSense usually makes payment on the 4th week of each month, and the new Program is NET 45, the last AdSense payment and the first PayPal payment will be a bit further apart than usual. Ongoing payments will of course not have this gap.

6. April and March advertising should fully be paid by AdSense still. With the end of April, the previous Program has ended as per our email messages indicated, the communication between the video players and our Partners’ AdSense accounts were removed. May revenues will be fully generated within Ustream.

7. The new Program is currently the only such Program of Ustream, you may refer to it as the Revenue-share Partner Program or Partner Program / Revshare Program for short.

To your last questions:
We fully understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback. While we are constantly exploring new technologies to predict the ideal time to launch ad-breaks, it’s exactly the vivid nature of LIVE shows such as FFRC that makes this quest hard. Currently we can offer two methods to deliver the commercials, one is to rely on the Broadcaster – which for shorter shows is ideal – but which might not work for you all day long, as it requires to ‘click’ the ad-tool within fifteen-minutes of time. The other is to time the ads relative from when users have joined in to see the show, which has the disadvantage of covering out some spontaneous events on-screen, but has the advantage of being fully automated. Since for 24/7 shows especially the timed ad breaks can generate the vast majority of the revenue, for the time being we would advise for you to launch the ads manually when you have a chance, and let the automated system take care of the rest of the day when you can’t interact with the PC. While it’s not ideal, it can be a compromise until there is new technology available.

Meanwhile Ustream is working on a method that even during automated ad-breaks the streams should resume from when they have left off, not covering out, but pausing the show for while the ads run.

Best regards,

Ustream Community Support

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