The Farmyard

In addition to having the FFRC, there is also a farmyard for people to enjoy! We currently have many chickens, peacocks, geese, and ducks. They birds all roam free and enjoy the entire farmyard. The barns also have The Grey Barn Cats and The Big Red Barn Cats. These cats are well cared for and have good shelter/heated areas for winter time. The Grey Barn Cats stay in their own barn and the Big Red Barn Cats claim the red barn as their own!

At the back of the property is what we call The Backwater. The piece of land that is bordered 75% of the way with the backwater (like a finger from the Auglazie River) is what we call The Island. It’s peaceful and quiet. There are many water birds, squirrels, and deer in this area. We have a little rowboat that we enjoy going out on the water in. We also have a big area for a bonfire that is always fun and relaxing. You are welcome to visit this area.

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