Scrip Program


The Great Lakes Scrip Program

The Great Lakes Scrip Program is a no-selling, fundraising program that allows you to raise money for FFRC. You purchase gift cards from FFRC at face value. We order your gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip at a reduced cost. The difference is an instant rebate for FFRC. This program offers over 300 of the biggest brands including grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvements centers, and more. You can review the complete list of retailers on the website. This is a “free” program but currently is available in the United States only.

The Great Lakes Scrip Program website is

Upon emailing Angie Koppenhofer-Lorenz, FFRC’s ScripCoordinator, an enrollment code will be given to you.  Angie’s email for this program is



Scrip and ShopWithScrip Explained

Here is a great video that helps to explain the Scrip Program. By using Scrip to purchase your everyday things like groceries, prescriptions, gas, clothes, dinner out, birthday gifts, etc… you can help raise money for FFRC.






Reload Testimonial

Here’s a quick video on the reloadable Scrip cards. Order a physical card then reload it!





PrestoPay Testimonial

After you sign up for Scrip, PrestoPay is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to pay for your order. PrestoPay allows you to order the ScripNow cards and have instant access to them. Don’t forget each time you buy a gift card FFRC receives a percentage of that sale!

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