Adoption Form

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center
14597 Power Dam Road
Defiance, OH 43512
Jacci Moss

These are the typical questions that we ask of someone interested in a possible adoption–simply copy the questionaire below, paste it in a new email, and answer the questions. When complete, send it back to us at

Date ____________________

Do you have a cat that you are specifically thinking of?  ____________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What is your FFRC cam chat name, if you have one? _________________________________________________

Are you looking for an inside cat or an outside cat? Or a mix of the two? _________________________

Do you have any other cats? If so, how many:  _________________________

Are they neutered/spayed?_________________________

Have they had a LEUKEMIA and an FIV test done?_________________________

Are your cats inside or outside or both?_________________________

Are they current on their vaccinations?_________________________

Do you practice monthly flea prevention?_________________________

How many litter boxes would you have: _______________________ (considering additional cat(s).

Do you have any dogs? _________________________

If so: Are they neutered/spayed? _________________________

Are they current on vaccinations? _________________________

Do you practice monthly flea prevention? _________________________

Have you had a cat before? If so, what happened to it (if not mentioned above) :

Who is your vet?  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone number of your vet?__________________________________________________

What name is your account under? _______________________________________________________

Do I have your permission to call? _________________________

Do you have any children? _________________________

If so: How many and their ages? _________________________

Do they know the proper way to treat a cat? _________________________

The place that you live, are you allowed to have a cat? _________________________

Is it a rental? ________  If so, the name of your landlord and phone number:


Do we have your permission to contact the landlord or manager?  _______

Do you own your own home? _________________________

Financially, if you have a pet, and your pet develops medical issues, can you afford to treat it?   ___________

Any comments you wish to add: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



What to consider before adopting:

  •  Are you willing to share your life with a cat? _____ y _____ n
  • Can you provide a secure home/safe environment? _____ y _____ n
  • Will you keep the cat current with vaccines? _____ y _____ n
  • Are you financially able to give the cat veterinary care when needed? _____ y _____ n
  • Do you have time each day to spend with your cat? _____ y _____ n
  • Cats are a lifetime commitment. Are you prepared for this? _____ y _____ n
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