Some of the cats who find their way to us are unable to be placed up for adoption for reasons due to age, possibly their medical condition or sometimes due to their emotinal fragility. These cats are simply given a collar to denote they are “residents,” and the rescue center becomes their permanent home. Some have been here for nearly all their lives. Some are only with us a short time. All are loved and given the best care possible so that the time they spend with us, however long it may be, is a time of comfort and contentment.

Alma cat


Est. DOB 02/22/2013
Arrived 02/22/2014
Age at arrival: 1 year

Is there a more determined girl than our Alma? Alma arrived from a vet office in PA. She lived for months in a cage until she came to FFRC and she hasn’t been in a cage since then! Alma has severe CH and cannot actually get up and walk. But…..she’s so smart! She’s figured out how to do the things she wants and how to get around. Between her flips, falls, leaning, and flops, she has worked out a way to move! And she also lets us know what she wants by different meows that she does! Her wish is our command! She’s a beautiful grey tiger girl.

Asha cat


Est. DOB 03/01/2010
Arrived 03/07/2011
Age at arrival: 1 year

Asha came to the rescue center with a leg that had been badly broken and then healed, leaving her with a painful and misshapen leg. She had also been marked as a feral (the left ear notch). After having her bad leg removed she slowly came out of her shell and has shown to be anything but feral. She loves to be held and is the best chin rubber there could be! She’s also known as Ashaaaaaaa.

Bonnie cat

Bonnie Moss

Est. DOB 04/13/2016
Arrived 04/18/2016
Age at arrival: 5 days

Bonnie arrived here from another Ohio rescue along with her mama Chloe and the rest of the litter. All were adopted except Bonnie. When Bonnie was spayed she had a terrible reaction to the drugs which caused her heart to stop. After a long time working on her, we were able to get her stabilized. Unfortunately, it also left her blind. But….no matter to Bonnie! She’s a busy girl and goes everywhere. She gives the bestest leg hugs–that means she wants up to be hugged even more! She and Jacci have always had a connection and that was made permanent when she was adopted by Jacci! She will remain in the Rescue Center as she knows every inch of it and is comfortable there.

Coralie cat


Est. DOB 06/12/2012
Arrived 01/08/2014
Age at arrival: 1.5 years

Coralie is a victim of frostbite. No pet should ever have to go thru what Coralie has been thru. She was found so so cold on a porch where a lady found her and brought her to FFRC. After many surgeries she is now living a wonderful, happy life. But, frostbite cost her dearly. Both of her ear tips are gone, most of her tail had to be removed, many toes on her front feet were removed. And sadly, she also lost both of her rear legs. She does just fine and goes where she wants to go!


Est. DOB 07/2/2006
Arrived 07/26/2006
Age at arrival: 3 weeks

Cutie arrived as a kitten with a parasite (cuterebra) in her head. This parasite burrowed into the back of her neck, causing some neurological damage, which is why she lists to the side when she walks and has balance problems. There is nothing she loves more than to climb into a lap when someone sits on the floor and will show up out of nowhere almost as soon as you sit down. Her second favorite thing is to have a snack of baby food during the day.


Est. DOB 05/16/2012
Arrived 07/04/2012
Age at arrival: 7 weeks

Derecho arrived at the same time that we were hit by a derecho storm. He was just a kitten of seven weeks upon arrival. We immediately noticed that Derecho had a balance problem. It was determined that he had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). He was born with this condition, due to an illness his mama had. This is a lifelong disorder. But he’s happy and he has it all figured out! He can go wherever he wants, whenever he wants to. We may consider this a handicap, but Derecho doesn’t! He has a huge heart of love to give to everyone. He is sometimes referred to as D-Man. Derecho was our first CH cat and has opened the door to other CH cats here at FFRC.


Est. DOB 06/27/2015
Arrived 08/04/2015
Age at arrival: 5 1/2 weeks

Elsie arrived here as a 5 1/2 week old kitten. She was found all by herself and with severe eye infections that led to the need to remove both eyes. This doesn’t matter to Elsie! She is literally everywhere in the Rescue Center. Sometimes it’s like she has extra eyes tucked somewhere, but in reality, she has a map of FFRC in her head and she knows how to get wherever she wants very easily! She became a resident when she was 3 years old–it was decided that to Elsie, this is indeed her home!


Est. DOB 05/16/2009
Arrived 6/27/2009
Age at arrival: 7 weeks

Farrah was found in the woods, just a tiny kitten. She came here full of fun and orneriness! When she was a youngster, she needed a certain medication that caused a severe seizure reaction. It took her a full day to slowly come around. After that initial recovery, she continued to have periodic seizures. Our vets started her on a twice-daily medication that keeps the seizures under control. She’s been here so long, mostly because for most people, her seizure history caused them to bypass her as an adoption. Since she has been here for so many years, it was decided that she needs to stay. We’ll be sure to keep her on track with her meds and monitor any seizure problems she may have.


Est. DOB 08/24/2014
Arrived 01/31/2015
Age at arrival: 5 months

Hensley is a brown tiger with moderate CH. He came from North Carolina. He needed a home–where he came from he couldn’t stay long term. So, Hensley is here! He’s a fun boy. He loves the laser light and toys with feathers. Hensley also is unique in that he loves to take his naps in Dodger’s Pen. He’ll go to it and meow until we pick him up and put him in it. Then he cuddles under the blankies for a long nap! He loves to be held too.


Est. DOB 04/22/1999
Arrived 05/26/2014
Age at arrival: 15 years

Jessie–what a beauty. Jessie arrived at FFRC when she was an oldster–15 years old. She is part Maine Coon. She had lived with her human mom for all those years but she could no longer care for Jessie. She has a sweet personality and enjoys being petted. One of her favorite nap spots is on the warm dryer top. She also likes catnip toys. Considering her age, her health is good! She also likes the sunshine that comes in from the windows.


Est. DOB 05/26/2015
Arrived 06/14/2016
Age at arrival: 1 year

Is there anything “mushier” than Jones? I think not. He lives to be loved and to give love. Just holding him fills a person with peace. He arrived here at 1 year of age. Our vets are still undecided what is “different” about Jones–he appears to have neurological problems. This shows in his walk and “attitude.” Regardless, we love him to pieces and need him here to give us the hugs that we all need.


Est. DOB 06/05/2007
Arrived 07/24/2007
Age at arrival: 7 weeks

Kiara arrived at FFRC as a scared young kitten. She gradually overcame her fears and was ready for adoption, or so we thought. Three times since her arrival a family has come in and fallen in love with Kiara. Three times she has been chosen. Three times she has gone to a furever home. Three times she has come back to the home where she feels safe. Each time, she was returned because her new family just could not bear to hear the pain in her cries. Kiara would hide away in fear and wail non-stop. She was returned out of love and each time when she returned home to her safe place, Jacci would open the carrier and out Kiara would stroll, eat a bit then jump up on the dryer and take a nap. The last time she was adopted, she lost almost 2 pounds, having eaten almost nothing. Once back to her safe place, her appetite quickly returned. Kiara is now in her safe place for good. Welcome home, Kiara!


Est. DOB 07/29/2015
Arrived 07/08/2017
Age at arrival: 2 years

Lucie was transferred here to FFRC, from Illinois. Lucie is a severe CH cat but she doesn’t know any limitations! She’s very determined and lives a happy life. She is a gorgeous black cat with beautiful eyes. She has special meows for different things she wants! Lucie is one of the sweetest cats ever–she truly loves lap times!


Est. DOB 12/06/2014
Arrived 01/18/2015
Age at arrival: 6 weeks

What a handsome fella Magic is with big round eyes! Magic came from Nashville TN. A rescue there received him and couldn’t keep him long term. FFRC said yes to taking this boy on. He was so tiny when he arrived–6 weeks old but only weighed 14 ounces. His rear legs were permanently “pretzeled” up. It was so severe that it was difficult for him to potty. So in April 2015, he had his two rear legs removed. He quickly took lessons from Trucker and was crazy fast! He can go faster than we can walk fast! He loves those glitter pom pom balls and will play forever with them. He so loves people. His best friend was Trucker.


DOB 04/12/2012
Arrived 11/19/2012
Age at arrival: 7 months

Pania–what a gorgeous Siamese. She was found outside by a person who realized that she needed help with her eyes. Our Pania is blind. She arrived here with two very bulging eyes. One had to be removed. She still has her left eye but cannot see out of it. No trouble to her though! She goes wherever she wants to go! She loves the bench right by the door–that way she gets first dibs on the pettings from incoming people! A very confident girl!


DOB 05/19/2017
Arrived 08/11/2017
Age at arrival: 3 months

Ramsay is his name and sweetness is his game. He is a Siamese with severe CH. Such a friendly boy with super determination. He loves everyone and all the other cats. Such a gentle soul. While he needs help with many things, he just wants to be treated as a regular cat! We give him choices of what/where he wants to go. That’s what is so important–to let these handicapable cats be their own selves.


Est. DOB 06/14/2014
Arrived 07/26/2014
Age at arrival: 7 weeks

Vernon is a silvery grey tiger boy that has stolen our hearts. He is a moderate CH cat. He was found on a country road all by himself–no place for a CH cat to be. He quickly wobbled his way into our hearts. Vernon is a busy boy and has it figured out how to get around just fine. He loves to chase the laser light and climb up on the Kuranda Towers. He’s very affectionate and loves to be cuddled like a baby in your arms. One of his favorite treats is chicken (Derecho taught him that!).

Zelda Moss

est DOB 07/15/2010
Arrived 07/27/2011
Age at arrival: 1 year

Zelda is not really a resident, as she actually is an owned cat! She belongs to Jacci! Her real name is Zelda Belda Girl Moss. She arrived here when she was just a year old, with terrible sores on both sides of her hips. She had been stuck between two walls and crying for someone to help her. She soon healed but has a noticeable limp on both front legs from her ordeal. Jacci and Zelda have a wonderful bond and so she became a Moss! Zelda is also associated with BOXES, as she always helps with our box openings in the evenings.

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