In Memorium

Cats we have loved and that will be missed…

Ada Jane

Ada Jane

Est. DOB 02/10/1995
Arrived 02/11/2005
Age at arrival: 10 years
Ada Jane crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 20, 2015.

Ada Jane was ten years old when she was dropped off at an animal shelter to be euthanized. Instead, Jacci rescued her and brought her here. She never had a full size meow-always a silent one. Her head tilted, possibly due to a head injury when she was young. She loved baskets and to nap on top of the dryer. The jiggling of the dryer put her to sleep. We loved the black dot on her nose! She was the easiest oldster we’ve ever had–no problems, just wanted attention. In her last year, Ada Jane found her meow-er! She could crank it up high and so enjoyed meowing to let us know when she was hungry again!

Albert with Bella

Albert with Bella


Est. DOB
Arrived 2009
Age at arrival:
Albert crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2009.

This little boy was loved by so many. He was a very long haired tiger boy. He arrived in poor condition and suffered smoke inhalation. He was found right by a burn pile. Some of his fur had been singed. And his eyes—they were so cloudy. It was thought this was damage from the smoke. Albert was so tiny, so cute and loved being held. He was always tired. He didn’t play much but he sure did enjoy being held. He was dubbed Prince Albert and the volunteers and viewers so loved him. He passed away at such a young age but he never was short on love. Our burial garden/memorial garden that we have for the cats is named for him…Albert’s Garden. He will never be forgotten.

Alice Mary Nov2016

Alice Mary

DOB 04/16/2016
Arrived 09/16/2016
Age at arrival: 5 months
Alice Mary crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 18, 2017.

Alice Mary arrived as a 5-month-old kitten, such a little girl in size, but huge in beauty–an all white Persian. Alice Mary had several medical issues that we tried to help her with. But after much vetting, her little life was tired. We loved her so and marveled at her sweetness. On those days that she would eat, we would always cheer her on–messy face and all. She was so loved.



DOB 09/01/2002
Arrived 10/13/2002
Age at arrival: 6 weeks
Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 2, 2016.

Bella, or “Queen Bella” as she liked to be called, came to the rescue center as a 6-week-old kitten. Bella was lying on the center yellow lines on a road when a friend found her. He carried her cradled in his arms. She obviously had been hit by a car. Her right rear leg was shattered and she had compressed vertebrae that caused some paralysis in her tail and left rear leg. Unfortunately, her right rear leg had to be amputated. The paralysis in her tail and remaining leg was “moderate,” but that didn’t stop Bella! She couldn’t climb up a tree, but we have so many catwalks and shelves here, that there was not a place in the Rescue Center that Bella could not get to. We think she was graceful scooting around the Center. When Bella napped, she preferred her red poof so she could sink down into it. She could climb and even scoot very fast, especially when she heard a jar of baby food being opened! She also loved to spend time in the outdoor dog fence area. Bella was also awesome at mothering kittens! She was such an inspiration!

Big Al

Big Al

Est. DOB 05/20/2005
Arrived 06/15/2007
Age at arrival: 2 years
Big Al crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 5, 2015.

Big Al–wow a handsome big boy. He also had an extra pet name–Big Black, Beautiful, Baby Al. And he liked that name! Al was 2 years old when he arrived. He became a Porchie. He simply appeared on the property and wouldn’t let me catch him. So, a live trap was set and within minutes he was in it. He raised his back and tail and that was it—instant friendship! And he was friends with everyone–such a big heart and a loud purr. And he so loved the visitors. Big Al loved the farmyard too–he was very content with all the animals and people. He developed trouble with his ear and had to have a resection of his left ear. He healed quickly and never had any more problems. He passed away here at FFRC and is still missed. One big boy with an extra big heart.

Slide Show - Bondi


Est. DOB 05/01/1998
Arrived 05/07/2012
Age at arrival: 14 years
Bondi crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 15, 2013.

Bondi arrived in such a sad, awful condition. One of our volunteers was out for a run, and came across her. She was utterly thin, weighing only 4.14. She truly looked like a sketeton. It took weeks to really start seeing a difference in Bondi, but it happened! She put on 2 pounds! Bondi had a tough personality–she knew what she wanted and she pretty much got what she wanted! It was probably her personality that kept her alive–her spunkiness! She made us smile, when we think of her will to enjoy her last part of her life here with us at FFRC. She was another oldster!



Est. DOB May 2012
Arrived 06/19/2012
Age at arrival: 5 weeks
Bravo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 17, 2012.

His name was Bravo because he was oh so brave. His rear legs were deformed/solid, meaning they were useless. Also the skin between the hip and knee became so tight, it too was a problem. His surgery was August 15. Unfortunately he passed away 2 days later. It was realized during surgery that he had other internal deformities as well. So sad. We were not prepared to lose this extra sweet boy. In his short life, he lived to the fullest. He was happy and was allowed to be a kitten. Bravo….he taught us much about love.



Est. DOB 04/03/2008
Arrived Spring 2014
Age at arrival: 6 years
Caesar crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 3, 2017.

Caesar came to our farm in 2014. His owner had passed away and we were asked to give Caesar a new home. He started out as a Barnie (he had always been an outside cat) and he made friends. Over time, he discovered that being a Porchie is where he really fit in. He came, visited the Porchies, and there he stayed. He loved meeting and greeting our visitors and the volunteers. He lived his life to the fullest—so loved the freedom he had of being friends with the farm animals and all the cats “out there” and being friends with the 2-leggeds.



Est. DOB 04/07/2011
Arrived 02/23/2013
Age at arrival: 1 year 10 months
Cozarelii crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 17, 2015.

Cozarelii was another CH cat (Cerebellar Hypoplasia). He was in a rescue in Columbus when it was decided that FFRC would love to give him a forever home. He was a sweetie. His mobility is definitely compromised, but he loved to walk around and play and be treated like a normal cat! He thoroughly loved diving into the circular cat furniture pieces and then watch over things. He had a forever home here and was given lots of love! He arrived with Solee.



Est. DOB unknown
Arrived 10/11/2010
Age at arrival: an old oldster
Dodger crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 14, 2011.

Dodger was brought to us in a box. This poor cat appeared in very bad condition. It turned out his owner died and his family simply put him outside and drove away. He slipped under the house and was rarely seen. Six months went by and he was in such bad condition, the neighbor brought him to us. He was completely covered in tight mats, had rotted teeth, emaciated and dehydrated and thousands of maggots infested his skin. We started work on him right away. It took weeks of care, lots of naps, good food, many baths but he survived. He spent some time in a pen for his recovery. This pen is known as Dodger’s Pen even yet today. He won our hearts. He was loved, cuddled, whatever he wanted, Dodger got. The greatest thing was that he knew he was so loved. He passed just 4 months after his arrival but they were a wonderful 4 months.



Est. DOB 09/16/2009
Arrived 12/02/2009
Age at arrival: 11 weeks
Emaline crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 9, 2013.

Emaline arrived here when she was just 11 weeks old. She was one very very sick kitten. She also had to have an eye removed due to a severe eye infection. Her other eye had much scar tissue on it. She eventually improved and was adopted when she was 6 months old. She stayed in this home till she was a little over 1 year of age. Her owner couldn’t keep her any longer as it was too difficult for her to keep up with Emaline’s medical issues. She had numerous vet checks–all saying her immune system was very compromised. She frequently had skin problems and eyes/ears/face inflammation. This was a forever type problem with Emaline. After working with her for a year and a half, trying to get her healthy enough to adopt her out, we decided that she was going to remain as a resident of FFRC. She was a love. And she certainly enjoyed being petted, loving on the kittens and playing. She actually ended up being adopted by Jacci and became a housecat!


Est. DOB 10/15/2007
Arrived winter 2009
Age at arrival: 2 years
Fabio crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 11, 2017.

Fabio–what a handsome boy he was….and he knew it! He had long flowing fur. Sometimes he would sit there and just shake–made his fur even fluffier! Fabio simply showed up one day on the property. He played “hard to get” at first. And then one day, he melted and became such a love. He so enjoyed the visitors and would sit for long periods of time on laps. He loved to drape himself across laps and take a nap. A super wonderful cat.



Est. DOB 05/05/2015
Arrived 07/03/2015
Age at arrival: 8 weeks
Froggy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 11, 2015.

Froggy–what a special boy he was. He had us all at his beck and call. He arrived here when he was just 8 weeks old. Froggy was a severe CH kitten. He was not able to stand at all. Froggy spent much of his time in his pool–big enough for many of the kittens to join him. Froggy liked to play and bat at toys and to flip around in the safety of his pool. We loved him so much. Sometimes he would join the other kittens on the floor. He liked all people and cats. Whatever Froggy needed or wanted, we did for him. He enjoyed being made a fuss over. His blankies and toys even were frog designs! He passed away quietly and with people who loved him.



Est. DOB 08/15/2001
Arrived 06/10/2003
Age at arrival: 2 years
Hank crossed the Rainbow Bridge September 2014.

Hank–a big grey boy that loved everything and everyone. He was brought here by a friend of ours. Hank decided he was a farm cat and a Porchie cat. Actually, he fit in with all the cats! If there was a tour going on, Hank would join in. When chores were being done on the farmyard, Hank would lend a paw. He was just a great cat. He passed away at one of his very favorite spots–overlooking the river where he enjoyed watching things going on. He truly was a super friend to have.



Est. DOB about 1998
Arrived 04/02/2013
Age at arrival: about 15 years
Heaven crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 15, 2013.

Heaven–what can we say but we are so very happy she was with us. We knew very well when we accepted her that she would not be with us long. But, truly that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the amount of love given while she was with us. Her owner passed about 7 years ago and she was put outside to live. She had developed a horrible face disfigurement–cancer. We knew her time here wasn’t long. She wanted in the main area and we made the conscious decision we were NOT going to “hide” her. So, up she came. She loved it here and grew in all the love she received. When she started showing signs of respiratory problems, we made the decision to let her go before stress set in. There’s another star in the sky named Heaven.

Kitty City Cat Honey


Est. DOB 09/15/2003
Arrived 06/24/2004
Age at arrival: 9 months
Honey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2015.

Honey came to FFRC as a stray. She preferred being a Covie rather than in the Main Area. She was only 9 months old when she arrived. She was everyone’s friend but her and Muffin were best friends. Her birthday is 9/15/03, so she was 12 years old when she passed. She loved being petted and to have her whole back scratched. Laying in a big patch of sunshine was always enjoyed by her.



Est. DOB 03/09/1992
Arrived 03/25/2013
Age at Arrival: 21 years
Jack crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 22, 2013.

Jack arrived at FFRC because his beloved friend had to move into full time care and wanted him to go somewhere where he would be safe and loved. He was a big boy, weighing in at about 19 pounds and was often seen wandering the center late at night. His family had visited with him via the webcam and could see that he had settled in to life at FFRC very well. He certainly enjoyed attention and responded positively to it. Jack enjoyed ice cubes in his water and loved playing with his water bowl. Jack was 21 when he passed away.



Est. DOB 05/06/2004
Arrived 05/07/2013
Age at arrival: 9 years
Joline crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 11, 2017.

This sweetie was an oldster and a calico Persian. Her fur was so completely matted we had to shave it off, all in one piece. Such a sad thing. Joline had something special—she had very curly fur on her tummy! We promised her to always keep her coat in good condition. She also arrived with severe dental problems which were taken care of. What a love she was! She could go wherever she wanted whether it was in the Main Area, Mail Room, Thumper’s Room–anywhere! Her wish was our command! Joline had very beginning stages of kidney problems when she arrived. Because of that and her age, we elected to keep her here as a resident.

Kitty City Cat Jonah


Est. DOB 07/15/1999
Arrived 08/23/1999
Age at arrival: 6 weeks
Jonah crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 23, 2014.

Jonah arrived at FFRC when he was just 6 weeks old. He was found alongside a busy road, with a very severe fracture of his front leg. This injury required a leg amputation. This didn’t bother Jonah at all–he was super fast! He had the honor of being known as the very first Covie, along with his buddy Blossom. Jonah was just plain awesome–a great cat! He was so loved.



Est. DOB 09/15/2007
Arrived 09/2008
Age at arrival: 1 year
LaDonna crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 6, 2015.

LaDonna was found by a past volunteer and brought to FFRC. She had probably never lived indoors and was not happy about being inside. So…..she became a Covie. She was so sweet and got along with everyone. No doubt her best friend was LeLe, who also was a torti.



Est. DOB 03/08/1997
Arrived 02/20/2003
Age at arrival: 5 years
Magenta crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 27, 2014.

Magenta got her name from the color she was when she arrived here. We aren’t sure how she got painted, but even after multiple baths, it still took months to wear off. She had been adopted twice. The first home lasted for several years; but both times she went to elderly adopters and was returned when they passed away. She was a very special “oldster” to FFRC. Magenta certainly would let us know when she wanted anything or to have the sink drip for her. We would do anything for Magenta. She was a very sweet cat and was much loved.



Est. DOB 08/21/2013
Arrived 09/11/2013
Age at arrival: 4 weeks
Minto crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 12, 2013.

Minto…this little orange baby just about broke all of our hearts. He came in all by himself. He was just such a sick little baby–just couldn’t seem to shake it. His immune system was poor. Yes, he broke our hearts but this little kitten also saved many many lives. Minto lost the battle to his illnesses. A necropsy was done. In doing so, we learned many things. Because of Minto, every incoming cat now receives a Bordatella vaccine. Each cat also receives meds for tapeworms now whether we see those nasty worms or not. We also learned which combination of antibiotics work for the germs that he had. We had a better battle plan for when kitties get sick. Minto…what a special kitten that gave this Rescue Center so very much.


Est. DOB 07/15/2006
Arrived 07/25/2007
Age at arrival:  1 year
Olaf crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 11, 2017.

Olaf arrived here as a youngster–was so thin. That didn’t last long though! He just appeared one day and immediately adopted us. Olaf was always a self-appointed guest greeter. His goal everyday was to sit on laps, soaking up all the attention he could get! He loved being doted on. Olaf always made us laugh by looking like a statue–sitting straight up and staring at us. That was his way of saying—time to sit down and hold me!


Patience with a kitten


Est. DOB 1992
Arrived 07/22/2002
Age at arrival: 10 years
Patience crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008.

Patience—what a wonderful soul she had. This sweet cat was turned into a shelter–just dropped off. Her crime? Because she was old and had fleas. We took her in and found her to be a beautiful girl. She was 10 years old, declawed, and her few fleas were soon gone. Unfortunately, she turned up missing a couple days after arrival. We literally turned FFRC upside down looking for her. After 17 days, she was found, still alive in an impossible place. She was promptly named Patience because she waited so long for us to find her. She was tube fed and slowly she recovered from this ordeal. She was with us for 6 years. She loved everyone and thoroughly enjoyed taking care of the kittens. We were honored to have had her.

Paul and Wilson and stone

Paul Marowelli

10/24/1966 — 10/04/2013

Paul…what a friend he was to FFRC. Paul was one of those lifetime friends. Unfortunately, he passed away way too soon. For many years, Paul worked the farmyard and did many things for the Rescue Center. He was a handyman and could fix many different kinds of things. Paul so loved the cats and the farm animals. He also became a part of my family. He was very important to my mom and dad too. Paul shared his friendship with everyone. He was a tease and great at practical jokes. He could sometimes be found with a kitten in his shirt, napping with the cats curled around him or hanging out with the horses. He was just a really great guy.



Est. DOB 06/07/1997
Arrived 06/07/2010
Age at arrival: 13 years
Putter crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2014.

Putter—an extra special cat that was loved by many. Putter was in poor condition when he arrived at the rescue center. He was found on a golf course, his fur was so matted and tangled that he could hardly walk, which surely contributed to his emaciation and dehydration. His fur grew back beautifully but he still had problems with arthritis in his back legs. He loved to be petted and held, despite his grumpy appearance! He was also known as Sheriff Putter. He discovered the Moss house and decided he wanted to live inside as a housecat. He was very welcomed! He would still come out to say hello to the viewers and to keep the youngsters in line.



Est. DOB 07/28/2016
Arrived 09/08/2016
Age at arrival: 5 weeks
Quinn crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 17, 2016.

Quinn–a special little boy with neurological problems. He was only 5 weeks old when he arrived at FFRC and was only with us for two weeks. But…..those two weeks he was shown a lifetime of love and he so enjoyed it. Quinn was our little gold/white boy that was affectionately called The Mighty Quinn. He indeed had a mighty heart to receive and give love. Sometimes these lives are so short but they always renew that ability to give love.



Est. DOB 06/15/2007
Arrived 08/27/2009
Age at arrival: 2 years
Riley crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, 2015.

Riley arrived with a torn ear. He was 2 years old when he arrived. He was found by a volunteer, hanging out at a trailer park with no caretaker. Such an awesome cat–very friendly, enjoyed the other cats, loved to be petted. He always enjoyed his cruise-abouts on the farmyard.



Est. DOB 08/26/2009
Arrived 02/25/2014
Age at arrival: 4.5 years
Thomas crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 3, 2015.

Thomas was 4.5 years old when he arrived. Thomas was a loverbug–he loved us and we loved him. He was a “jetster,” meaning we flew to Staten Island, NY, to get him, Joey, and KittyKat. We flew back to FFRC with the 3 of them. Thomas was a victim of neglect, such a sad thing. He also was a severe seizure cat that had been unattended to for some time. We only had him for a year, but he was so loved. He was a door greeter, a chirper, a hugger.

Trucker Jan 2017


Est. DOB 05/28/2014
Arrived 07/09/2014
Age at arrival: 6 weeks
Trucker crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 23, 2017.

Trucker a.k.a. Trucker Ducker Doodle Boy! This was a very sweet cat. He arrived here when he was just 6 weeks old. Someone found him and realized he could not keep up with his mama and siblings due to rear leg deformities. His rear legs were stiff and straight with them being mostly up by his ears. Those legs were a nuisance to him–always in the way. They were removed and then he was super fast! I do believe he had a charge button that is jet-fast! He also had IBS which was something we constantly worked on. He was a happy boy and loved people.

Trucker was one of those extra special cats to so many of us. He was magical in his love for everyone and everything. He truly cherished life and all the people he met. His special buddy was Magic, his constant companion. He will be missed forever and remembered with much love.



Est. DOB 07/15/1997
Arrived 07/25/2011
Age at arrival: 14 years
Twinkle crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 19, 2012.

Twinkle arrived emaciated, dehydrated, and covered with hundreds of fleas. Even though she had very minimal eyesight, she was quite adept at getting around and had every section of the rescue center figured out. She was such a sweetie, loved to be petted and enjoyed her cushie beds. Twinkle had the prettiest green eyes.


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